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Your Campaign Ideas

The Students' Union is yours, and everything we do collectively starts with an idea. Whether that’s to get more microwaves, fight for better mental health provision or even improve your student group – it all starts with an idea. If there is something that you are really passionate about and would like to see happen at your University, then submit your idea below. What’s going to happen next? – A member of the Voice team will check your idea to ensure it doesn’t breach the UWSU Equal Opportunities Policybefore it goes live.

Following approval, you will then need to try and persuade at least 30 students to vote ‘yes’ on your idea within 3 weeks. If you manage this (and we’re sure you can!) you will be invited to work in collaboration with a member of our Officer team, and other interested students, to campaign for your change. More importantly, we are here to support you throughout your campaign; whatever you need, just ask. So don’t wait around any longer.

Submit an idea, get like-minded students such as yourself involved, and watch as your idea turns into a reality with the help of the Students’ Union.


I Want To Make A Change!


Remember to have a look at ideas submitted by other students, and be sure to vote on something that you're keen to see happen.


If you have feedback on what you'd like changed on your course, please submit these to our Digital Rep page, where your course reps and school reps can help work on the issue.