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It feels good to be green! 


This year UWSU is taking a new approach to Sustainability. We recognise the global impact that all of our activities, services, and products have on the environment. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we have joined the NUS Green Impact Initiative and we will be working to reduce our carbon footprint and implement sustainability as a part of life here at UWSU. 


Are you passionate about sustainability and want to get involved?

Email our sustainability champion Sofia who will be able to give you some information on how to get involved! Her email is

We also have an Environmental and Vegan society that you can join! 

Keep up with our update articles, here is our most recent update


What will we be focusing on this year?

According to University Data, our biggest Environmental issue here at Westminster is our wastage. Out of all of our sites, only 1 is meeting the University’s target for recycling! 

We’ve partnered up with our Estates Sustainability team in order to tackle this issue head-on. There’s a lot of exciting changes going on, so have a look at what they’re working on over at the Change for Good Blog


In Term 1, we sent out a survey to find out what you wanted us to focus on for Sustainability. Overwhelmingly, you all said that you want us to work on our wastage alongside the University, as well as help you become more ethically conscious, sustainable consumers. 

You can see the final results of our survey below:


Sustainability Survey Report


We’ve listened and have just launched our Fairtrade Fortnight Campaign! Did you know that there are nearly 30 Fairtrade certified products in our shop, and that all of the coffee we sell is certified by the Fairtrade foundation? 


Our “Green” Steps:

- We have introduced a sustainable products range to our SU shop!

- Our Environmental Society is constantly working on interesting workshops for students, you can see what they’re getting up to here:


See our SMART plan for Sustainability! 


Want to learn more?  

- You can view our Sustainability Policy for staff and students here

-  Make sure to keep up with our articles, and the University Change for Good Blog, to see the latest and greatest about sustainability at Westminster. 


Get Involved!

You can run your own campaign by getting in touch with us at