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Westminster Champion Awards

As students at University of Westminster, you know what you want and need to make your learning and teaching experience exceptional. We want to hear from you who the super stars are around campus who are leading the way in creating a better Westminster, and world. 

You have before 5pm on Friday 8th May to nominate University staff or fellow students for the award categories below.


Award Categories

1. Championing Educational Experience

Awarded to the individual or team who:

- Has created the best educational experience for you. For example, a teaching moment, use of technology within the classroom, work as a PhD supervisor, excellent feedback, or supporting your self-learning 

- Has gone out of their way to help assist your learning or understanding of your subject area


2. Championing Liberation

Awarded to the individual or team who: 

- Pushes the boundaries of student and/or staff understanding of equality and inclusivity - this could mean bringing attention to the diversity of Westminster to the forefront of their work with consideration of students and staff that self-identify in our Liberation groups of women, LGBTI and non-binary people, differently abled people, international students and staff and BAME students and staff.

- Incorporates and encourages intersectionality across all these groups into their daily work and the life of the university

- Actively challenge the University to become more diverse, more inclusive and more critical of historically dominant narratives such as colonialism and heteronormativity


3. Championing New Ideas

Awarded to the individual or team who: 

- Has created an innovative project, research or idea which will enrich the University of Westminster and the entire university community, for example launched a new mentoring programme, or has launched something that significantly improved a service such as the library

- Have, through their brilliant idea, had a demonstrable impact on your student experience - their project or idea made a huge difference to you!


4. Championing Student Futures Award

Awarded to the individual or team who: 

- Inspires you and encourages you to aim high and  achieve your career goals and aspirations, they have encouraged you to think outside the box and not just follow the ordinary steps.  For example, did they give you some one-to-one careers advice and inspire you to create a new style of CV or presentation that landed you that dream opportunity? Did a fellow student start a network to bring in industry leaders to talk about their careers?

- Provides opportunities for you to gain experience and skills which will benefit you with your future aspirations - perhaps they ran a brilliant careers workshop or introduced a placement scheme on your course?


5. Championing Student Wellbeing Award

Awarded to the individual or team who: 

- Taken active steps to enhance student wellbeing, either by personally supporting you or championing projects to develop the Universities approach to student wellbeing - was there a fellow student or staff member that really guided you through a stressful time? Has a member of the university community introduced an event to the calendar that improved everyone's wellbeing and introduced some much-needed fun into an often packed semester of lectures and deadlines?

- Actively considers your wellbeing at the heart of their work or their daily life

- Actively engages students with relevant sustainable practices and promotes environmentally-friendly innovations in their field 

Nominations and Shortlisting

Be sure to take a few minutes to think about how they fit the criteria for the award, as its these criteria our shortlisting panels (made up of students and staff) will use to determine who gets shortlisted, and ultimately wins the award. The shortlisting panel can choose up to one highly commended recipient from the following University communities:

- College of Design, Creative and Digital Industries (DCDI)

- College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS)

- Westminster Business School (WBS)

- Professional Services

- Students

All nominations will be anonymised before being passed onto the panel (as far as possible) as we want this to be as fair and neutral as possible.

Got an idea of who you want to nominate? Fill out this short form to let us know more about them:


Nominate Here

What's next?

• Shortlisting panels will meet remotely to discuss those that are nominated and decide on the highly commended nominees and winners in each category

• Our Full-Time Officers will interview the highly commended nominees and these will be announced on our website and social media the week commencing 15th May 2020

• Our Full-Time Officers will interview the winners and these will be announced on our website and social media the week commencing 25th May 2020

• All those nominated will receive an e-certificate

• Prizes for highly commended and overall category winners will be delivered when the University reopens