Course Reps


Being a course rep is an opportunity to be a part of improving the quality and experience for not just you, but for all students on your course.

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Course reps are elected representatives that ensure your course reaches the highest standard of education and experience. There are key ways this is achieved:


  1. Gather student feedback: clearly communicating to your peers and getting their opinions on the course
  2. Make sure this feedback is heard: effectively communicate this at university committee meetings, and with regular communications with your course leader
  3. Share this with students: Keep students informed of your progress, and signpost to the RRW team if any issues require additional support
Being a course rep is an opportunity to gain new skills in leadership, public speaking and campaigning  (to name a few!) and to learn more about effective communication, negotiating ideas and sharpening your organisational skills.


You will get a better understanding of how the university structure works which will help you to understand how to make real, positive change during your time at UWSU. You will work closely and build relationships with university staff, continuing an effective dialogue that  a variety of students and the SU and above all you will help to improve the student experience Course reps also have access to additional opportunities to attend conferences, training, social events and rewards from the Students’ Union

Elections for course reps are held differently depending on your course. Your first step is to get in touch with your course-leader, who will point you in the right direction

Inductions and Workshops

These are designed to provide students with key soft skills which aren’t only useful as a course rep, but are also beneficial for future careers. The 3 different workshops will be led by professionals who are experts in their areas. The dates and times for inductions and workshops will be released later on in the year.