Voting guide


1. Log into the website using your university ID and password. If you have never logged in before, simply register as a new student/user. ?

          Can't log in

          Email for further help.  



2. Go to the elections page and click 'Vote now'. 


3. Update your personal profile with any self-defining characteristics you may have. (i.e Disabled,Black, Woman etc).

4. Take a few minutes to read the manifestos of the candidates for the positions you are interested in voting in. This can help you decide which candidate can best represent your interests.

4. When you are ready to cast your vote – click on the button 'VOTE NOW'

5. We use the Single Transferrable Vote (STV) system. This means you fill out your vote by clicking on the candidates pictures in order of your preference from #1 and to however many preferences you want to show.

6. Confirm your selections by clicking on the 'Cast Vote' button and repeat the process for all the positions you are eligible to vote for based on your profile.