Student Council

Student Council is your opportunity to re-shape the direction of the Students’ Union and have your voice heard on campus. Student Council:

  1. Discuses, debates and formulates policy, which mandates what the staff and elected officers of the Union work on and prioritise –including approving or disapproving suggestions from the ‘Big Ideas’
  2. Chooses UWSU’s official stance on National and Local issues affecting the student experience
  3. Asks questions to elected officers to ensure they are doing their jobs effectively, and making good enough progress on their manifesto promises via the Accountability Session

Any student can attend as an observer and following have voting rights:

  1. Your five elected Sabbatical Officers 
  2. Your five elected Representation Officers 
  3. All UWSU Society Presidents (or a nominee from their committee)
  4. All UWSU Sports Captains (or a nominee from their committee)
  5. All Heads of Student Media (or a nominee from their committee)
  6. All Course Reps

In order to make any decisions, we must have at least two sabbatical officers, two representation officers, two society presidents, two sports captains, one head of student media and three course reps.

Want the opportunity to chair a big meeting? Consider standing to be chair.

Creating Policy

In order to create policy, you have need to submit a proposal, which you can do by completing the survey below (just sign into the website first). If they are approved, they will be taken to the next trustee board to be ratified. You don’t need to be a member of Student Council to submit a proposal, all members of UWSU are eligible to!

Check out our guide to writing a proposal here.

Please log in to complete this survey.

At council, there will be a chance for discussion and debate, before voting on each topic. Any policy passed at council will remain SU policy for three years, unless a new policy is passed after that date, which contradicts it. In that case, the most recent policy will become our policy.