The Great Start Project

An initiative by the University of Westminster and UWSU

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Every year, around 200 returning students from all campuses and courses are recruited onto the project to become FANS (Friend of New Arriving Students). FANS are allocated a group of first year undergraduate students who they guide through the first two weeks of life at Westminster.

The Great Start Project is a joint initiative by the University of Westminster and University of Westminster Students’ Union, which launched in 2012. It was set up to ensure that you as new students, have the best possible start to your university experience and to help give a personal welcome to your induction.

FANS will be ever present during your first couple of weeks to take you through the early steps and show you that the big wide world of Uni isn’t so scary after all! They will organise various activities to help you settle into the university community much quicker.

Apply to be a FAN now

FANS will also be able to help you to meet other students. As your FAN would have been in the exact same position as you are in when they started at Westminster it makes them a great person to talk to and get some tips and hints from. They will be there to answer any of your questions.

When you arrive at Westminster don’t miss your session to meet your FAN, this will take place on your first day of induction / orientation week. The FAN allocated to you at this session will invite you to attend various sessions and will be available to meet with you everyday through your first week.


Any questions about FANS or The Great Start Project?

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