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It feels good to be green! 

Following on from our Green Impact initiatives from last year, this time we are focusing on Food Waste and the adverse affects it has on the environment, and how you can play a vital role towards ensuring sustainability practices are embedded in our day to day activities.


Are you passionate about sustainability and want to get involved?

Email our Sustainability Champion Jeff who will be able to give you some information on how to get involved! His email is

We also have an Environmental and Vegan society that you can join!


What will we be focusing on this year?

This year we're focusing on 'food waste'. According to a research undertaken in 2019, UK households waste 4.5m tonnes (worth £14bn) of food each year. And although that number has dropped by 7% in the last three years, that figure is staggeringly high! That waste equates to £10bn of edible meals, with potatoes being the single most wasted food.

So, we want to raise awareness of these hard facts. Give students the opportunity to save our planet and save money by reducing waste and being more sustainable in all facets of life. With many of us studying and working from home, this is an opportunity to be more caring towards the environment, be more mindful towards it, and just as importantly, take action to protect it.

Sustainability Week kicks off from 22nd - 26th March. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to learn more about the campaign, join in fun online activities, giveaways and tutorials. 


Our “Green” Steps

– Inform, educate and empower the Westminster community to take part in our food waste campaign.

– Provide a series of engaging and helpful meal preps and cooking recipes to reduce waste and offer sustainability alternatives.

– Work with the University and Aramark to develop and embed sustainability into strategic and operational plans.

– Ensuring we have a 'fit for purpose' platform for students to campaign for change.

– Ensure our commercial spaces contribute towards sustainability and has a minimal impact on waste.

These are just a few examples of how we want to make Westminster a more sustainable institution. As we continue to grow and develop, so will our objectives and strategy to reflect the needs of our members – YOU. We're excited to embark on this journey and hope you will join us too. If you'd like to campaign for change then be sure to use our Digital Rep tool where you can submit ideas or concerns, and even provide feedback and comments on other submissions from students


Want to learn more?  

– You can view our Sustainability Policy for staff and students here

– Make sure to keep up with our articles, and the University Change for Good Blog, to see the latest and greatest about sustainability at Westminster. 


Get Involved!

You can run your own campaign by getting in touch with us at