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Support and Knowledge

I need some support with my visa

If you need support with your Tier 4 Study Visa you will need to reach out to the International Team within the University who will walk you through all the steps you need to take to complete the application. 

My Student Finance hasn’t come through?

The first step is always to ring the student finance provider and ask what steps you will need to take in order for the funds to be released. Some providers might wait to release funds until the enrolment process has gone through - in this case speak with your faculty registry to ensure this has happened. If there is a delay in your payment but you are in urgent need of funds, please reach out the University Student Services Team who will be able to provide you with the support you need. 


I can’t get a space in Halls?

The University accommodation team can provide a list of recommended private agents which cover a range of both student halls accommodation and private rental flats and houses. In the case where this is not an option contact students’ services who can support in emergency housing crises. We understand the importance of this issue and how it can really impact students and their experience whilst studying, and so we are making it a priority this year and your Officers will be tackling this issue head on. 

What is a Rental Agreement?

Living by yourself for the first time can be overwhelming and lonely,  so be sure to check out the University's information on their accommodation pages for helpful tips and advice. They have a list of private accommodation that they recommend and can be of great help if you’re stuck and currently have no where to live. Shelter offers some good resources on rental agreements and top tips when dealing with external agencies. 

I am lonely and not enjoying my time at University?

University can be daunting for some students and we understand that not everyone gets to grips with the experience overnight. Sometimes just having the chance to speak about your worries with a counsellor can make a big difference. The University offers a great counselling service for students who wish to speak directly with a trained member of staff. They offer up to 6 appointments at times that are convenient for you. If you want to try a different way to meet new people then getting involved with our student groups can be a great opportunity to meet like-minded people. Check out our Lifestyle page for more information - we have a little something for everyone. 

I need urgent help ASAP

If you are in a crisis and it’s an emergency then we recommend that you ring 999. If you still need to speak with someone but it’s not an emergency, then please make an appointment with your GP. Make sure you are registered with your local GP - you can find the one closest to you by visiting the NHS website, or head over to our wellbeing section to find out more information about services available near you. You can obtain a letter from the University as a proof of address. We also recommend other services such as Samaritans and Nightline

Can I get a student Oyster Card?

Nothing says you’re an officially a Londoner than understanding the tube (which might take a while!) Once you're fully enrolled make sure you apply for a student oyster (18+) - it's available to anyone enrolled in full time higher education. You can apply online by using your University email address to register the card. It costs £20 but you get 30% discount on all fares! It might take slightly longer to come through as they verify your student status with the University, so in the meantime make sure you pick up a normal oyster from any station or use contactless payments when you travel.

I need a confirmation of enrolment

If you need to confirm your status as a student whether it be for a council tax letter or to open a bank account, head to your registry and ask for a confirmation of enrolment letter. It acts as an official proof that you’re a student. Remember, while you are studying, you don’t need to pay Council Tax, but you will need to inform them of your student status, so don’t ignore those letters and contact your council!