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Student Group FAQ

How do I join a society?

To join a society, you will need to sign in to the UWSU website. Once signed in, you’ll be able to join any society via the ‘join’ button on the specific societies' pages. You can find all of our societies here

How do I join a sports club?

In order to join a Sports club, you will need to click on the Sports page of the website and select the club(s) you would like to join. Once you have selected the club(s) they will be added to your basket and you will be prompted to complete your purchase at the checkout.  

If this is the first sports club you’ve joined for the year, you will automatically have the ‘Dragons Membership’ added to your basket. ‘Dragons Membership’ is a mandatory purchase if you wish to join a sports club. You will only need to pay this once each year.  

Once you have completed your purchase, if you haven’t done so already, reach out to the club and they will ensure you are made to feel welcome at the first available session.  

Can I still join a student group after Freshers?

Yes! You can join a student group at any point throughout the year. With some sports clubs, it’s a good idea to reach out to them first via email, as their season may have already started and so you may be unable to compete.  

Where can I see a list of all the societies/sports clubs?

You can find all societies and sports clubs information under the ‘Lifestyle’ tab on the website, and can click on ‘Student Life’ that lists all of our student groups.  

I have a problem joining a group online, what do I do?

Email us at with a screenshot of the issue.  

What does the Dragons membership fee include?
  • This a one-off payment of £35 for the entire academic year and entitles you to join as many of our sports clubs as you wish. 

  • UWSU Dragons branded kit package from our kit partner Kukri.  

  • The provision of sport throughout the year. This includes, but is not exclusive to, training venues, coaching, fixtures, competition support and club development support.  

  • Cover by the UWSU insurance policy, this is a vital component as we all know that injury in sport does occur. 

Can I just join one sports club without the Dragons membership?

No, the Dragons membership is mandatory and entitles you to join as many clubs as you like but you still require it for just one. Some clubs charge fees on top of this to pay for new equipment, trips and new kit.  

Where can I collect my UWSU Dragons branded kit?

We are currently working on the safest way possible to arrange kit collection for the 20/21 academic year and will publish our method as soon as we are able.  

A student group hasn't replied to my email/message, what should I do?

If it has been more than 2 weeks without a reply, you can email the individual SU coordinators for the group. You can email the  Student Group Development Coordinator for Societies & Student Media groups or the Sports Development Coordinator for Sports Clubs. 

I don't want to compete in my sport, is there a club I can join just to play for fun?

UWSU is currently working to develop a programme of non-competitive sport, exercise classes and wellness activities that are free for all students. We will be releasing a full programme of what to expect at the beginning of every term so keep an eye out for something you may be interested in on that!  

I can’t find a society or sports club that I am interested in.

All of our groups are founded and run by students, you can find more information on how to start your own Student group


How do I start a student group?

You can find that information and the forms at: 

What is the external speaker process?

Have a look at our full process: 

How do we apply for a grant for our group?

Grant funding is open to affiliated student groups only. Each year the form is sent out via email, so please check your society emails for the form! Otherwise, you can access it on the Student Groups Resource Hub.  

Can my friends from outside Westminster come to my society's events?

A guest who is not a student or staff member at Westminster is referred to as an ‘External guest’ and they are allowed to attend society events. However, each society can only bring up to 30 external guests to their events, and those names need to be submitted to the Student Group Development Coordinator 24 hours in advance of the event, or they will be denied entry.  

How do we hold our committee elections?

If you are holding an election this needs to be reported via email to the Student Groups Development Coordinator or Sports Development Coordinator, depending on your group type. You can read the full election rules here

How do we book rooms for our events and activities?

You will need to fill out a room booking request via the UWSU form. You can find the form and how to use it at on our Student Group Resources Hub

We are currently not processing room bookings for events on campus and will be updating this following University and Government guidance. 

Are we allowed to collaborate with other societies at Westminster?

Yes! Any and all groups should work together, just reach out to each other via email or social media!  

Are we allowed to collaborate with other societies outside of Westminster?

Yes, you can have joint event with external groups, however this needs to be clearly stated on your room booking form. If you are expecting more than 30 guests from outside the University, you need to make this application 1 month in advance.  

How do we get our expenses reimbursed?

You can get your expenses reimbursed by completing the Student Payment Request Form found in the Student Groups Resources Hub

How will Covid-19 affect my group’s activities this academic year?

We will be following the Government and the University of Westminster’s guidance to inform what types of activities can take place during these unique times.  

Our student groups have worked extremely hard over the summer to provide you with engaging online events and activities to welcome you to University, check out the list of events here.  

Can alumni come on campus?

All alumni must have a Westminster Alumni Card to enter any campus. They will need to present their Alumni card and sign in with the University Reception Team on arrival. If they have not yet applied for their Alumni card, they can register at Westminster Connect

My question wasn’t answered on this page, how can I get in touch?

Please get in touch with