Hi, I am Ibrahim Alzaid your new Students’ Union President. My role at UWSU is to support the development of the Union and ensure it meets its aims and objectives. As part of my role I will Chair the Board of Trustees and sit as part of the Academic Council and the Court of Governors.. 

I recently graduated from studying Business Management and Marketing, which I really enjoyed as an International student, and I fully understand how the transition into University life can sometimes be hard. One of the things that I loved about University of Westminster was the diversity; it was great to always feel welcomed and not out of place in a lecture or around campus, and in that sense we are lucky! 

My aim this year is to introduce the University to things that I wish I had as a student; things that would have made my experience richer! I’m looking forward to seeing the changes that my team and I make this year and how that has a positive impact on the student experience. 

If you have any ideas or want to get in touch, come and see me - I'm based  at Regent Street and we can go for a coffee! 

Ibrahim Alzaid