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As I complete my undergraduate degree in Business Management & Marketing from the University of Westminster, I would like to share my experiences throughout my time at Westminster. It has been a mesmerising journey – from high school to the University – I’ve enjoyed every bit of it. To give some insight I would like to begin by highlighting the main point: cultural diversity. Being an international student, I got the opportunity to meet and mingle with students belonging to different cultures around the world. This has helped me understand the diversities around the world all under one big umbrella. My faculties are the ones who made me feel like home whilst being away from home. They helped me conquer my goals by guiding me at each step. It was my honour to be a part of the University of Westminster.

What I'm working on this year:

(1) To ensure a fit for purpose UWSU app that has an integrated digital student ID card and full information on all
Union services and activities. 

(2) Achieve an agreement with the university to provide more study spaces and introduce sleeping pods at all campuses. 

(3) To ensure bidet showers are installed in all the bathrooms on all campuses·   

(4) Introduce a collaborative project that rewards student groups for working together that leads to an increased number of events and external speakers.

(5) Ensure full student representation and decision making is in place for all matters relating to the pandemic

Although things were easy for me, I make it a point to address the issues that I’ve faced during my journey. I aim to acknowledge all the problems related to academics or co-curricular activities that I wish had become a part of my journey and make your experience in the University a memorable one.

Padamjeet Singh Mehta



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