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Student Officers

Every year the Students' Union holds an annual Election in which students can stand for a range of part time (volunteer) roles, and five (paid) roles. Candidates in these roles campaign to represent students from a specific group such as BAME and LGBT, or a much broader category such as education and welfare. 

Other students - not running in the Elections - vote for their choice of candidates based on their manifesto, amongst other criteria. Last academic year (2018-19), the students of Westminster have spoken, and have voted the below full time officers to represent them for the new academic year (2019-20)


As I complete my undergraduate degree in Business Management & Marketing from the University of Westminster, I would like to share my experiences throughout my time at Westminster. It has been a mesmerising journey – from high school to the University – I’ve enjoyed every bit of it. To give some insight I would like to begin by highlighting the main point: cultural diversity. Being an international student, I got the opportunity to meet and mingle with students belonging to different cultures around the world. This has helped me understand the diversities around the world all under one big umbrella. My faculties are the ones who made me feel like home whilst being away from home. They helped me conquer my goals by guiding me at each step. It was my honour to be a part of the University of Westminster.

What I'm working on this year:

(1) To ensure a fit for purpose UWSU app that has an integrated digital student ID card and full information on all
Union services and activities. 

(2) Achieve an agreement with the university to provide more study spaces and introduce sleeping pods at all campuses. 

(3) To ensure bidet showers are installed in all the bathrooms on all campuses·   

(4) Introduce a collaborative project that rewards student groups for working together that leads to an increased number of events and external speakers.

(5) Ensure full student representation and decision making is in place for all matters relating to the pandemic

Although things were easy for me, I make it a point to address the issues that I’ve faced during my journey. I aim to acknowledge all the problems related to academics or co-curricular activities that I wish had become a part of my journey and make your experience in the University a memorable one.

Padamjeet Singh Mehta



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Vice President: Activities

Hey I’m Liv! 

As your Vice President of Activities, I am committed to improving your student experience; whether that’s encouraging you to participate in sports, societies or any other activities!  

I am proud to have been a Dragon (sports member) throughout my time at Westminster; from captaining the women’s football team and also creating and leading the Mental Health Society. 

I hope to ensure, as a University, we offer sporting events that are inclusive for all abilities and focus on initiatives that allow increased participation regardless of gender, ethnicity and religion. I also strive to ensure that Societies’ voices are heard and are continually recognised for their achievements throughout the year.

What I'm working on this year:

(1) Develop at least one online platform for societal recognition that showcases achievement and effort.

(2) Provide a minimum of four short sport courses that leads to improved personal and team performance in

(3) Ensuring inclusivity in sports, particularly for marginalised groups via increased give it a go sessions and
participation initiatives.

(4) Commit the university to developing a comprehensive mental health action plan including facilitating a
Movember campaign.

(5) Create a minimum of ten Student Union jobs that are career relevant to increase skills and experience.




Olivia Ponsford

VP Activities


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Vice President: Welfare

The first year of representing you has been a journey but one I am ready to do all over again! I am a graduate of International Relations. In my third year of university, I was elected as the Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic (BAME) representation officer where I gained an interest in the Students’ Union which motivated me to run for a full-time role. My involvement throughout my time as a student allowed me to gain the passion to do this role. And here we are today, I am your Vice President of Welfare for another year. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns as I am more than happy to help.

What I'm working on this year:

(1) Co-create a cultural competence strategy for all support services.

(2) To ensure that at least 10% black and Asian students voices are listened to in the attainment gap conversation.

(3) Ensure that Muslim students have comfortable place to pray with natural light.

(4) To introduce an online reporting tool for students to report any form of harassment. 

(5) To ensure that students have access to a fit and fair mitigating circumstances process.


Lubaba Khalid  

VP Welfare 



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Vice President: Postgraduate Education

Hi, I am Ismahan Nur, your Vice President of Postgraduate Education.

I studied Human Resource Management at the University of Westminster. During my time at Westminster, I really enjoyed speaking to different students and making friends which has led me wanting to represent you and help you to make your University experience a whole lot better. It's a pleasure to be able to represent you for this academic year – once again – and continue to work towards building a postgraduate community. I will focus on enhancing the engagement between the postgraduates and the SU by creating more events and activities just for you! I want to ensure PG’s have access to more support from various services such as the library and academic needs and many more. I value every voice and I will take action for every feedback or concern to make your time here the best it can possibly be.

What I'm working on this year:

(1) Ensuring workload is distributed effectively and efficiently for all students through the agreement and implementation of a 'no bunching' policy.

(2) Develop and improve social provision for postgraduates through events and activities throughout the academic
year that engages a minimum of 200 students.

(3) Improve assessment and feedback for postgraduate students through the agreement and implementation of a
clear framework.

(4) Implement Wellbeing Wednesday for all postgraduates for the year 2021/2022

(5) Ensure that semester 3 opening hours of the library match that of semesters 1 and 2 to aid the postgraduate experience.


Feel free to reach out and email me.

I hope you have a lovely time at Westminster.

Ismahan Nur

VP PG Education



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Vice President: Undergraduate Education


Hi, I’m Fatma your Vice President of Undergraduate Education.

Just like I have over the last 3 years, I want to ensure that you get the most (and more) out of your time at our University. I want to help continue the work of the SU to provide an effective academic and memorable experience for you. I care about your interests and will work to create a safe space to allow you to feel comfortable enough to raise issues and concerns during your academic pursuit.

What I'm working on this year:

(1) Create workshops to ease the transition from A-Levels or other education systems into University, with 75%
student satisfaction of attendees.  

(2) Ensure that 80% of student feedback is actioned and resolved so that students feel they have a safe space in
which they can express any concerns and their voice is heard. 

(3) Challenge the University to ensure online learning is at a high standard leading to a high student satisfaction

(4) Working alongside the University to utilise available spaces to ensure students will not be required to take
exams after 6pm

(5) 70% of students will receive quality feedback that is constructive and helpful ensuring that the comments
students receive is fundamental to improving their learning.


I hope that through this role I am able to ease your transition into University and improve your experience during your time here; for success in this role, communication is key! So please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any concerns or ideas.


Fatma Zein 

VP UG Education 


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