Student Officers

Every year the Students' Union holds an annual Election in which students can stand for a range of part time (volunteer) roles, and five (paid) roles. Candidates in these roles campaign to represent students from a specific group such as BAME and LGBT, or a much broader category such as education and welfare. 

Other students - not running in the Elections - vote for their choice of candidates based on their manifesto, amongst other criteria. Last academic year (2018-19), the students of Westminster have spoken, and have voted the below full time officers to represent them for the new academic year (2019-20)


Hi, I am Ibrahim Alzaid your new Students’ Union President. My role at UWSU is to support the development of the Union and ensure it meets its aims and objectives. As part of my role I will Chair the Board of Trustees and sit as part of the Academic Council and the Court of Governors.. 

I recently graduated from studying Business Management and Marketing, which I really enjoyed as an International student, and I fully understand how the transition into University life can sometimes be hard. One of the things that I loved about University of Westminster was the diversity; it was great to always feel welcomed and not out of place in a lecture or around campus, and in that sense we are lucky! 

My aim this year is to introduce the University to things that I wish I had as a student; things that would have made my experience richer! I’m looking forward to seeing the changes that my team and I make this year and how that has a positive impact on the student experience. 

If you have any ideas or want to get in touch, come and see me - I'm based  at Regent Street and we can go for a coffee! 

Ibrahim Alzaid



Vice President: Activities

Yo! I’m Gerald - G for short - your Vice President of Activities. My role here is to make sure you get the most out of your time as a student. My main goal this year is too get you involved, whether it’s officially by becoming a dragon,  joining a sports team or getting involved with one of our amazing societies. Becoming an active member is the best thing you can do and it will change your whole experience. 

I was once team captain of Men’s Basketball club so I know what it’s like to be a student and what you are going through. Community is super important to me and I want to build a community at Westminster that everyone feels.

Gerald Aguilar 

VP Activities


Vice President: Welfare

Hello, I am Lubaba Khalid and I am your Vice President of Welfare 2019/20. My role, in a nutshell, is all about looking out for your wellbeing and welfare. I am here to make sure every single one of you has the best experience at the University of Westminster.    

I studied BA International Relations at the Regents Street Campus and was involved in the Student Union for a while now. In my first year of university, I was involved in the Friends for Palestine society. In my second year, I was the vice president of Middle Eastern and North African Society. In my last year of university, I had the opportunity to be the BAME Representation Officer and had the exciting opportunity to represent BAME students within the Student Union and to the university. I am excited to spend another year in the Union to continue to represent Westminster Students! 

 I am here to support you so please do not hesitate to contact me, I am here for you and you only. 

Lubaba Khalid  

VP Welfare 


Vice President: Postgraduate Education

Hello, I’m Ismahan, your Vice President of Postgraduate Education 2019/2020.

My role is to represent the wide and diverse community of postgraduate students by ensuring that your time here is the best it can be. I will facilitate and promote events, resources and services that will enhance and enable your student success.  

I will take lead on UWSU’s employability and enterprise activities and ensure that the SU’s services have the right needs to suit you!  

I studied BA Human Resource Management at Marylebone Campus and I got fully involved with UWSU when I was a student by becoming a FAN, I then managed to get a job as a receptionist and got to help some of you with your questions. If you’re a postgraduate and want to know more or have some ideas then get in touch with me.

Ismahan Nur  

VP PG Education 


Vice President: Undergraduate Education

Hi, I’m Jamilla your Vice President of Undergraduate Education. 

I’m here to help and guide you so you have the best experiences, just like I did at Uni. I want to make sure you create unforgettable memories and form lifelong friends whether it’s getting involved with events or joining a student group if you get involved your time at Westminster will be epic. This year I will be focusing on all issues that ungraduated student face with their academic studies.  

I was once in your shoes, I studied BA Marketing and Communication at Marylebone and from my first year I got involved with the SU by joining the Womens Basketball Team, and it was the best experience. Remember, my door is always open if you have any ideas or concerns just come say hi!  


Jamilla Torres 

VP UG Education