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Vice President: Undergraduate Education


Hi, I’m Fatma your Vice President of Undergraduate Education.

Just like I have over the last 3 years, I want to ensure that you get the most (and more) out of your time at our University. I want to help continue the work of the SU to provide an effective academic and memorable experience for you. I care about your interests and will work to create a safe space to allow you to feel comfortable enough to raise issues and concerns during your academic pursuit.

What I'm working on this year:

(1) Create workshops to ease the transition from A-Levels or other education systems into University, with 75%
student satisfaction of attendees.  

(2) Ensure that 80% of student feedback is actioned and resolved so that students feel they have a safe space in
which they can express any concerns and their voice is heard. 

(3) Challenge the University to ensure online learning is at a high standard leading to a high student satisfaction

(4) Working alongside the University to utilise available spaces to ensure students will not be required to take
exams after 6pm

(5) 70% of students will receive quality feedback that is constructive and helpful ensuring that the comments
students receive is fundamental to improving their learning.


I hope that through this role I am able to ease your transition into University and improve your experience during your time here; for success in this role, communication is key! So please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any concerns or ideas.


Fatma Zein 

VP UG Education 


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