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Vice President: Activities

Hey I’m Liv! 

As your Vice President of Activities, I am committed to improving your student experience; whether that’s encouraging you to participate in sports, societies or any other activities!  

I am proud to have been a Dragon (sports member) throughout my time at Westminster; from captaining the women’s football team and also creating and leading the Mental Health Society. 

I hope to ensure, as a University, we offer sporting events that are inclusive for all abilities and focus on initiatives that allow increased participation regardless of gender, ethnicity and religion. I also strive to ensure that Societies’ voices are heard and are continually recognised for their achievements throughout the year.

What I'm working on this year:

(1) Develop at least one online platform for societal recognition that showcases achievement and effort.

(2) Provide a minimum of four short sport courses that leads to improved personal and team performance in

(3) Ensuring inclusivity in sports, particularly for marginalised groups via increased give it a go sessions and
participation initiatives.

(4) Commit the university to developing a comprehensive mental health action plan including facilitating a
Movember campaign.

(5) Create a minimum of ten Student Union jobs that are career relevant to increase skills and experience.




Olivia Ponsford

VP Activities


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