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Membership - the Who, What and How

When you’re joining a student group, some of them may have a membership fee. Some are free, but others charge a membership fee. This is not to make a profit, but to cover the costs of running the group. For societies, the membership fee is stated on the individual pages. To join the Dragons Sports Clubs, each student must pay the Dragons membership fee of £65, then each club may have an additional fee that you must pay to join. You only need to pay the Dragons fee once, no matter how many clubs you join.

Room Bookings

Need to book a room for your event or society meeting? We have made the process very simple with a form that should cover all your needs. Fill out the form following the link below and we will get back to you within 3 working days. If your event has an external speaker please make sure you read the process for external speakers before you submit one for your event. Remember, we have plenty of interesting spaces onsite that are more than just a classroom, so if you're keen on finding a room to fit your vibe then make sure you let us know when filling out the form.  


Book a room here

Start A New Student Group

Have an interest that you want to share with others? Starting a student group is the perfect way to find like-minded people and celebrate something in common. We cater to everyone whether you want to start a culturally based societies or you play a sport that you want to bring to UWSU, we can work together to try and make it happen. We encourage you all to take a leap of faith, we guarantee amongst the 23,000 students there will be people who feel the same way. You might just find the thing – or the people – that make your time at Uni amazing. 

When you choose to take over leadership of a society, it’s important to remember that this is a year-long commitment to your group. You will need to stay on top of the groups’ emails, keep in touch with your coordinator, and work together to put on events and meetings for your other societies.  

It’s always good to start a society with a friend or another student who is interested in similar things as you. This way you can share the workload to make sure you don’t get overwhelmed with work during busy times. We will always ask you to sign up at least 3 people to lead the committee, so make sure you have this when you apply to start your group.

If you have any questions about running a group, get in touch with us on the chat or email the relevant coordinator :

If you’re looking to just get involved and run an event as a passion project, consider getting in touch with our Campaigns team and becoming a Student Activist!

If you have taken these steps and would like to apply to start a group, please fill out this link to do so!


External Speaker Guide

External speakers can be a great way to make your event interesting and exciting, we have an easy guide that details the steps you need to follow to ensure your event runs smoothly.


UoW Code of Practice on Freedom of Speech


External Speaker Guide

Why You Should Join

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and learn some new skills. At UWSU we offer many opportunities for you to get involved with over 90 student groups. Team work is at the core of all our groups. It’s a great way to meet others, and to take some time away from the stresses of University work and focus on something different that you enjoy. It is a great way to volunteer in your community and gain points for your HEAR and Employability Award while making a change that matters to you.  Plus, we are a really fun bunch and we are always wanting to add more people to our network.

Branding Assets

We know you've got some amazing things you'd like to share online or in person - which is why we recommend using our logo on your design work so students are made aware of the activity, and also ensure the University knows it has gone through us first.

Download the latest versions of our logos below. Make sure you thoroughly read over the brand guidelines before using our logo on your design. We are proud of our brand and want to ensure it is used in the right manner. If you have any queries regarding the use of the logo or would like more information, please email our Marketing and Communications Manager, Jeff at

Download UWSU logos