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Student Disciplinary

If you're unhappy with the behaviour of another student it's important to not keep quiet about it and instead make it known to the UWSU Advice and/or the University.

What do I need to do?

Speak to UWSU Advice or University staff There isn't a deadline to report, but it will usually be in your best interest to act quickly. If you have concerns about another student, contact UWSU Advice to discuss your options on how to proceed with your best interests in mind.

Read the Student Disciplinary Regulations here.


Prepare your statement

Write down your concerns about the student(s)' behaviour – include details about what they did, where, and how. As well as the student(s) full names and any supporting evidence.

Send your report in writing.

⇒ Academic Standards:

All students -

⇒ Associate Head of College (Education & Students):

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I'd like more support

⇒ I'd like help with reporting a student's behaviour

UWSU Advice offers friendly, free, confidential advice. We are independent of the University so are not involved in any part of the decision-making process but instead represent your interests.


Book an appointment for advice


⇒ I've experience harassment or sexual violence

The University can support you harassment or sexual violence. Please refer to the following link for more information: