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Film Society

The UWSU Film Society is a forum for cinema lovers and creators across all campuses at University of Westminster. University of Westminster is synonymous with creativity and innovation, which is engrained into it's heritage and something we wish to explore by delivering a wide range of film screenings; covering all genres of cinema - from Arthouse and European Cinema, to World Cinema, Repetory, and Experimenta. Our committee consists of passionate film lovers from a diverse range of backgrounds, interests and specialities. We meet every week and are in constant coordination to ensure the screenings are as best programmed as possible, run as planned and to ensure we're providing a well-rounded experience; sourcing new opportunities and socials for our student community. Throughout the year we'll also be collaborating with various societies to put on screenings curated by them.

Our Mission Statement on our website details the President's Manifesto, Society Mission Statement and Prospective Plans for Academic Years 2017-18 and 2018-19

The 2018/19 Committee

  • (defacto Treasurer) + President, Luca Ferrara
  • Vice President, Patrik Krivanek
  • Head of Technical, Vlad Muntean
  • Junior Projectionist, Rik Hulme
  • Marketing & Communications Officer, Laura Hodgson
  • Screenings Producer, Livan Garcia-Duquesne

We're still looking for a Secretary, Treasurer, Disability Officer, Promotions Assistants and Socials Producer! Applications for positions are accepted at Freshers Fair (in person or via email) and at the Refreshers Fair(s) this coming Academic Year! Film Society screenings are every Tuesday 6-9pm* in the Harrow Auditorium, we also run screenings in Central London arranged by our Sub-Committee there!

*Timings may be adjusted to accomodate Q&A screenings, Marathon Screenings, or Long-form Feature Presentations

Ensure you follow us across Social Media to get involved and keep up-to-date with the latest from Film Society; we're on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.



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