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Brave Heart Society

Brave heart is an exciting new society that devotes itself to bringing great entertainment to students whilst working in conjunction with other societies and charities that help spread awareness on medical conditions.

This year we will be holding a number of events in the Student Union and top clubs in London. We will be hosting a variety of events ranging from live music to exclusive party themed nights and much more.

Our society gives students a platform to showcase their talent and provides a great enviroment to network and meet new people from the many departments in the University. We wish to engage our students in the intergration and collabaration of the different courses and departments throughout the university. Developing network skills and allowing students to build strong contacts whilst in university, that can utilise in the future.

We hope to have you sign up and contribute to our to our society ideas and growth to expand and promote unity amongst students. 

And as promised you will have 50% discount off of all showcase events throughout the year as a member. 

Students who are interested in becoming part of the commitee/team by getting involved however little or as much as they wish to please contact us via email.

Make sure you follow the Instagram page as there will be regular updates of the talent that will be showcased in the upcoming events, as well as promotions and other schemes that will be going on.

Just click the link and follow

Facebook page

Please join our society by clicking join.

And if you would like to contact us please email





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