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RRRR Society

The Leadership Society is a platform:

  • to share, discuss and learn about Leadership in all its contexts. Society, Business, Politics, Local, National, Regional and Global Leaders.
  • to explore what has driven individuals in history and present and what effect they had.
  • Help develop and better the Leadership Skills of its members in as broad a way as possible.
  • Importantly, that Leadership development should happen not for specific limited goals but for for the long term benefit of the individual of that person, society and its impact in every sphere of life



  • Biennial Dinner: With a Leader Past and Present.
  • The Habitat Forum: A forum looking at current developments affecting the world we live in.
  • The Breakfast Briefing: A Weekly Breakfast meeting to get up to date with current developments.


If you have ideas, we would like to hear and work on them

And welcome your time and talent to make this a success.

We would live to hear from those interested in: - Event Design, Video Creation and other skills





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