Why join a society?

Ever fancied joining a society? Not too sure if it’s for you? Well, sit back and let’s talk societies. Why is it worth joining one?


Widen your social group. You’ll spend a lot of time with your coursemates at university, but is that it? Joining a society is the most efficient way of meeting like-minded people!


By joining a society, not only can you get involved with some of the best activities on campus, you also have the chance to meet people with similar interests as you.


With the competition rising for that all-important grad job, joining a society ensures you stand out from the crowd. Societies can also provide you with a platform to develop teamwork, leadership and other transferable skills.


Let’s face it; university life can be hard. Joining a society is the perfect way to relax and chat to like-minded people whilst avoiding that uni stress for a while.


What better time than being a student is there to try something new? By joining a society, not only can you indulge in activities you enjoy, but you can also try something you may never have tried before.

Anything else I need to know?

If you really love your society life and want to get more involved, you could become part of the committee! Not only is being a committee member insanely rewarding, it also looks fab on your CV as you’ll gain some amazing skills that ensure you stand out when it comes to job hunting.

Now, we know from experience going to your first society meeting can be daunting, but you’re not alone! Every member in the room will know the feeling so don’t be afraid. Plus, you’ll already know people from the arrivals fair!!

Feeling inspired? Check out the societies page - there really is a society for everyone. Get ready to make the best decision you’ve made so far!