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Wednesday 16-09-2020 - 13:00

By Niamh Hutchings


Five Digital Media and Communication students have teamed up with the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) to launch their new campaign, 21 Days to Change.


The project aims to spread awareness around plastic pollution and plastic waste in universities across London.


You may have seen them around your campus this week doing workshops to promote the challenges launching next week.


For three weeks there will be three challenges to help you cut down on your plastic use:

  • 9th-15th March – bring your own water bottle with you and refill instead of buying single-use plastic bottles.
  • 16th-22nd March – bring your own bag with you when shopping. A tote is better than plastic bags, plus it will save you that 10p!
  • 23rd-29th March – bring your own lunch in a reusable container. It will save you money and you won’t be using lots of plastic packaging.

These small adjustments will not only help students live a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle but will also have a massive positive effect on the environment.


According to the EIA, eight million tonnes of plastic find their way into the ocean every year. Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) have found that 100,000 marine mammals are killed by plastic pollution annually.


So why not take part in the challenges and create a more sustainable lifestyle for yourself and the planet?


You can find out more on their website and by following them on social media (@21daystochangeuk on Instagram and @21daystochange_ on Twitter).


Photo credit: 

Tanvi Sharma via Unsplash



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