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Tuesday 29-09-2020 - 09:29

By Sarah Chaffey


Who said you can’t be sustainable on a student budget?


1. Notes. Notes. Notes

Now virtual “freshers” is over, we’re back to frantically scribbling as lecturers talk about some theory or other.


One way to make that less stressful – for you and the planet – is to rely on your laptop for uni supplies. Taking notes on a device prevents the need for pens, pencils, paper and much more.


Seen as you’ll be using your laptop for online lectures anyway, it’s less wasteful to follow the theme of 2020 and go digital!


2. Plastic-free beauty

When it comes to skincare and hair products, there’s no excuse for being wasteful. With shampoo bars and bamboo toothbrushes being available in many stores, you can make the switch very easily.


Some less well-known minimal-waste grooming products are solid conditionersafety razors and plastic-free toothpaste.


But one of the most overlooked products is soap. Not the bright pink stuff you get out of a pump, but a good old bar of soap.


Believe it or not, you can use that same bar for face wash too. This can be more gentle on your skin and reduces the number of products in your cabinet.



3. On-the-go

While it may seem like nights out are nowhere in sight, it’s still useful to think about how we impact the planet while we’re out and about.


This collapsible cup has been a lifesaver in clubs where single-use plastic cups are the only things available. I do get some funny looks though!


It’s also handy to have some cutlery and a canvas bag on you at all times – just in case you come across a nice vegan food truck or something…


I hope these tips for a minimal-waste student lifestyle were helpful. But remember the best way to reduce waste is to simply use less.


Photo credit:

Vie Studios via Pexels




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