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Tuesday 29-09-2020 - 09:47

By Sarah Chaffey

Calling all freshers: three tips on food shopping without destroying the planet.


Many students think doing their own shopping is an excuse to eat whatever they want. Don’t get me wrong, that is definitely one of the perks… but it also means we get to choose what to buy and consume, based on what is good for the planet.


While this can seem daunting, these three easy buying habits can help you on your way to minimal-waste shopping.


1. Zero-waste stores

Studying in London, we’re so lucky to be surrounded by so many great zero-waste stores, including Hero Market in South Harrow.


Refill stores are often thought to be expensive, but the prices will really surprise you. Take the jar of black beans in this photo for example: it only cost 93p!



2. Go local for fruit and veggies

While it may be easier to do a one-stop-shop for all your groceries, the local market or greengrocers are often a lot cheaper. Fruits and vegetables are almost exclusively plastic-free, just take along some fabric bags and you’re good to go.



3. Find more sustainable packaging

Shopping completely zero-waste would be quite difficult. But luckily, a lot of products are accidentally plastic-free. Find brands that use tin or cardboard as an alternative to plastic. Just a few examples of these are chocolate, oats and vegan freezer produce.


Over time, creating these small buying habits will impact no only what you buy, but how you buy; who you give your money to.


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