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Friday 23-10-2020 - 16:58

By Ami Gill


The scariest night of the year is almost upon us. Although let’s face it, this year has seemed like one long Halloween night.


With the shadow known as coronavirus hanging over us, it may seem like the festivities of All Hallows Eve are lost. But fear not, there are still some great ways to get into the Halloween spirit while also keeping the virus at bay. 


By now we are used to Zoom calls, so why not hold your very own virtual Halloween party? It can be frustrating having a bunch of people talk over each other - so here are a few ideas to keep everyone entertained.



Scary stories


What would Halloween be without a good old fashioned scary story? The great thing about doing this virtually is that you can control the atmosphere around you. Dim the lights, light some candles and grab a blanket to create a spooky atmosphere. Or if you need the lights on, we won’t judge.


There are many famous tales to draw from history, ghosts that haunt the Tower of London to ancient graveyards dotted around the city. The National Trust has some great short stories about locations around England and the alleged Ghosts that haunt them. Plus, you can feel safe knowing that some of these locations are miles away.


Perhaps you have a vivid imagination and are a great storyteller. For those writers and performers out there, this is a great chance to flex your creative imagination. What is Halloween after all, if not a chance to scare those closest to you?


Not all of us are Shakespeare though, so check out these scary stories to share with your friends.



Costume Party


The best part of Halloween for many is dressing up. You don’t have to go out to show off your costume though, this can be done virtually as well. 


Knock it up a gear and turn a virtual costume party into a contest. The challenge is to make the best costume using only things found in your room, flat or house. Each person then models their costume and everyone votes. How creative can you get?



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Halloween Quiz


Remember when virtual pub quizzes were all the rage? You know, back when we thought this thing would be over by Christmas. If Halloween is all about bringing things back from the dead, it may be time to resurrect quiz night.


A pub quiz isn’t complete without a good drink. Though you may not be able to visit the pub after 10PM, mulled cider is a great Halloween drink you can make yourself.


Brew enough for your friends and drop off drinks and food parcels to your friends before the night’s festivities kick-off. Is it just me or do Halloween cookies taste better than Christmas ones?


All of these games (and even the movies below) can be turned into drinking games. Make up your own rules to ensure that it’s not just the ghostly spirits flowing on Halloween.



Netflix and chill


Halloween wouldn’t be complete without watching a scary movie. Netflix has expanded its Netflix Party platform to include Disney+, Hulu and HBO. For those not already familiar with Netflix Party (now called Teleparty), it's an extension you can add to your browser and everyone with the link can watch the same video. It even includes a chatbox.


Netflix has some classic spooky movies, from The Conjuring to Insidious. If Netflix is too frightening for you, Disney+ has a great selection, including the ultimate family Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus.



Whether you are telling scary stories on the computer or getting costumed up, there are plenty of things to do to get you into this Spooky Season. So, lock the doors, dim the lights and get ready to lean into an extra spooky, socially distant 2020 Halloween.



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NeONBRAND via Unsplash

Toni Cuenca via Pexels 

Gabby K via Unsplash




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