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Wednesday 16-09-2020 - 13:43

By Megan Milstead

It’s all about the drama


Spring beauty has arrived. A fusion of over-the-top eyes with underplayed glowing skin. 2020 is a fresh take on maximalism – heavily influenced by the 80s. Think bold blue pigments, extra lashes and blinding embellishments. Sandy from Grease is now your muse. 


We’ve rounded up the key trends of the season that you don’t want to miss out on:


1. Bright-eyed


Whether you love it or hate it – vivid eyes have made a return and are here to stay. Violet, magenta and blue all deserve a place in your makeup bag this season. The grandma stigma around the latter is about to be changed. Not feeling adventurous? Dip your toe into the trend and try a bright liner or a pop of colour on the inner corner of the eyes instead. Bonus points for clashing shades. Get started with Sample Beauty’s Immensity Palette (£20).



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2. Stars in your eyes


Deck out your lids with all the gems and glitter you can find and don’t hold back. Whether you add it into a smoky eye or garnish yourself in face jewels – anything goes. Makeup artist, ‘@Mmmmitchell’ shows his Insta followers how it’s done with a sequin halo eye, glitter inner corners and dispersed star gems. Opt for Dust and Dance’s Biodegradable Glitter (£2.95) and Iridescent Angel Face Jewels (£3.95) to add some shine to your day.



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3. Colour streak


Spice up your hair routine and make a statement by brushing in a colourful shade (or two). The brighter the better. Use I Heart Revolution’s UV Neon Hair Make Up (£5) to paint small strands in electric blue.



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4. Romantic gaze


Shade your lids with soothing pastels and dusky hues to create a tranquil look. Place delicate pearls on a lilac base for a hazy milky way effect. Cloud shaped liner on a glossy lid is encouraged. It’s like Ariana’s God is a Woman video in makeup form. Use the Huda Beauty Pastel Eyeshadow Palette (£27) underneath embellished pearls (£2) in varying sizes.



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5. Glass glow


Much to our skins’ relief, our faces are about to get a lot less cakey, and far more radiant. Get your highlighter sticks at the ready. Barely-there foundation is bigger than ever - just in time for the sticky summer climates heading our way. Use Nyx’s Born to Glow Illuminator (£8) on the high points of the face for a glowing complexion. Move over Instagram makeup.



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6. Radiant peach


Freshen up your makeup using orange-pink colourways. Whether it’s coral, peach or apricot – be sure to try it this season. Enhance blue eyes by using a warm-toned shadow, like the Bleach London Louder Powder in shade ‘Bp 2 Ma’ (£3), and lift your cheekbones using a buttery cream blush like Glossier’s Cloud Paint in ‘Beam’ (£15). Complete the look with Nyx’s Soft Matte Lip Cream in ‘Athens’ (£6).



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7. Metallic nails


Bless your fingertips with some extra added shine. Chrome nails needn’t be tacky; silver French tips or gold nail art can give an elegant gesture to the trend. Use a dotting pen to create simple polka dots on the bottom of the nail. Too complicated? Try using a stencil guide to help you to create shapes and patterns.

8. Hair decor


Dig out your childhood hair accessories - you’ll be needing them this summer. Colourful scrunchies, hair gems, 80s clips and oversized bows were all seen on the runway. Make your 8-year-old self proud and stock up immediately.   



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9. Overstated lashes


Exaggerate your lashes with length, volume and feathery styles (if you dare), as seen at Gucci. Follow Twiggy’s lead and bring back the 60’s lower lashes. For a gentle approach - use brown mascara on the bottom to soften things up. Try Eylure’s Pro-Lash Under Lashes 040 (£4.95) or Peaches and Cream’s No.11 (£4.50) if you’re feeling brave.



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Photo credit: Yunona Uritsky via Unsplash

Photo credit: Suzy Hazlewood via Pexels



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