Room Booking Form

Here at UWSU, we allow our societies to book available space for their meetings, activities or full scale events that they might hold. Fill out the form below to secure a room for YOUR societies or sports club event.


For regular room bookings, please ensure that your request is submitted AT LEAST 10 working days in advance (our working hours are 9am-5pm).

For any further inquiries, please contact us at

For any events with guest speakers, or for events in The Loft/Undercroft (Harrow), please ensure that your request is submitted AT LEAST 15 working days in advance.

External Speakers

We wish to also remind students that Room bookings will NOT be processed until your external speaker has been approved by Students’ Union staff. Students are advised not to promote your event until your external speaker has been approved by the external speaker board.

Students are advised to read through the university’s Code of Practice on Freedom of Speech and External Events Booking Process before filling out this form, which can be found here

The list of speakers approved by the union in 2015/16 is available HERE.