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Our Values

The five proposed main guiding values of the Union are “Inclusive, Bold, Sustainable, Empowering and Open” which will shape the Unions approach to its planning, behaviour and attitudes. It is further proposed that the following elements of each value will be adopted: 

1. Inclusive: 

- We will embrace and celebrate our diversity. 

- We will champion people to achieve their potential. 

- We will celebrate our diversity achievements. 


2. Bold: 

- We will innovate and create exciting opportunities. 

- We will become sector leading in everything we do. 

- We will pave the way on how to engage students in a Union. 


3. Sustainable: 

- We take actions to improve our environmental impact. 

- We will take the required actions to become financially sustainable. 

- We will ensure our stakeholder relationships are developed and maintained. 


4. Empowering: 

- We will empower all our members in everything we do. 

- We will always be self-confident and inspirational. 

- We will develop and maintain power heroes through compassion. 


5. Open: 

- We will always be open to new ideas and ways of doing things. 

- We will display the highest level of transparency. 

- We will ensure we are accessible to all our members.