Society Highlight

The LINKS first aid society held a fundraising on Cavendish campus where they managed to raise nearly £100 for St John’s Ambulance services, and signed up several more members for this society! The LINKS society provides basic first aid training for students and can help you make a difference in your community!


On Tuesday, the Tourism, Construction, and Property Society hosted an inter-departmental Christmas Party on Marylebone campus, providing drinks, music, and holiday cheer for students across the campus!


Also on Tuesday the Environmental society held their panel discussion on Britain’s Eco-warriors, a panel with speakers from Greenpeace, LSE, and JustOneOcean to speak to students about the impact of climate change on the environment and what we as individuals can do to live more sustainable livelihoods and not contribute to the degradation of our planet.


The Student’s for Free Tibet introduced US scholar Greg Bruno, who reports from the frontlines of Tibet on the human rights abuses and daily lives of the people in the region.


The complementary medicine society held a workshop on demystifying the use of essential oils in our daily life.


The tourism society were visited by independent documentary maker James Trundle, who told the story of how he travelled the Amazon river in a canoe he had dug out of a tree, in his acclaimed documentary “Dug Out”.