Reasons to vote in the SU Elections

Don’t know who to vote or why?  

Your vote matters to us because we want our new sabbatical officer team to represent your ideas and values so that you can get the best of your university experience as a student of Westminster.  

Here are a few reasons for you to think about before you cast your vote.  


Your vote will make a difference 

Our new roles have been designed to benefit your student's needs, whether you’re engaged in joining a team or society or interested democracy at the union at least one of these role’s will directly affect you.  


Get the candidate you want  

These candidates have put themselves forward for a reason, they want to see a positive impact in student life and bring a better experience during your studies, just be sure to check out their manifestos here (link) as they each have different ideas from one another. 


Don’t leave it to late! 

Don’t be that person who forgets to do it at the right time, we know that you’re busy and have a lot going on but just set yourself a reminder otherwise you could end up with the wrong person to represent you. 


Only takes 5 minuets – Quicker than walking from the station into campus  

We have a made it super easy and accessible for you to vote this year, whether you’re on your way to your lectures or sat comfortably at home, taking the time to vote is as quick as making a cup of tea. It’s all done online, just log in as a current student. Simple, easy peasy.  


Get a sweet treat  

As a part of voting, you'll be given a sweet treat if you vote at a campus elections stall.  


Voting starts on Monday the 11th March from 9am and closes on Thursday 14th March 7pm  


See our Elections Guide to help you if you get stuck.  


Remember you must be a current student to vote in this Election. 


Vote here