It's a win! 43 more hours to hang out at the Forum



Your VP Harrow has had a WIN! Lama has listened and worked hard to negotiate new opening hours for the Forum. Starting from this week, the opening hours are now reflecting the opening hours of the Harrow Library. The Forum will now be open (on a trial basis) from:


Monday to Thursday: 24 hours

Friday: until 11pm

Saturday: 11am - 11pm

Sunday: 11am - 12am


Previously the opening hours were from Monday to Friday: 7am-11pm and Saturday to Sunday: 8:30am-7pm. This means that you now have 43 more hours to hang out at the Forum each week. The new opening hours will run until 16th May.

Lama has been working on this in collaboration with the Safety, Health and Wellbeing committee, without their support, this would have not been possible (this year).


SU WIN is a series of articles designed to keep you updated on how we have supported you and how we will keep on supporting you the best possible way.