How to save the WORLD? 5 top tips!

Drowning in plastic waste, climate change, unethical fast fashion.. you must be overwhelmed because we are for sure. That’s why we created you 5 top tips on how to become more sustainable. 



  1. Top up from the tap! 


We are all aware that the world is drowning in plastic but what can we do? How about switching your boring plastic bottle to a fancy refillable one?

You will not only save the world but also some money when you refill your trendy bottle from the fountains around campuses. 

The university is selling refillable bottles on all campuses.


  1. Lumos Maxima, or not..

Next time you leave a seminar room, don’t forget to flick your wand and turn the lights off. This spell will have a great impact on the environment on the long run. Just picture how many classrooms have lights on during the night for no reason. 


  1. Second hand? Let’s call it Vintage!

Second hand doesn’t have to mean your grandma’s 60 year old blouse that’s been patched 13 times already. You can find pre-loved clothing from Brick Lane or Oxfam shops around the town! Some of the vintage clothes are much better quality than the fast fashion we buy from Oxford Street. 


  1. Carry a canvas bag - Always

The easy one! Remember those 25 free canvas bags you have at home? Time to pick the prettiest one and show it off every time you do your grocery shopping. Those Tesco plastic bags are so last season anyway.


And finally the big one. The one no one wants to talk about..


  1. Leave the milk for baby cows and become plant-based 

Did you know that the meat and dairy industry is the biggest polluter on Earth? Yes, that’s right. It pollutes even more than all of the cars, ships, planes and trains in together. If you don’t believe it, you can check these articles by The Guardian (  and The Independent ( It’s time to overcome prejudice and order that Nando’s vegan option.


BONUS! Most of the books for your course should be in the library. Loan your study materials or read them online. Save money and save yourself from drowning in those books you will never read again. Seriously, you won’t.


If you want to go hardcore zerowaste-vegan, have a look of these brilliant instagram influencers: