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Vice President Welfare

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Ahmed Hussein

The key area that I will focus on as Vice President of Welfare are:
- Making sure every student concerns are taken serious 
- The Migating circumstance board needs to be more adequate and flexible 
- Ensure the welfare of student is taken seriously and not dismissed
- Positive mental health it is essential to student’s success and I will be promoting this heavily as vice-welfare president.
- Enable society to grow more 

So, what will I do? 
1, Every Student concerns needs to be heard and addressed with No empty promises.  I will always think about every student

I will always consider race, sexuality, gender, age, disability and religion to ensure that everyone has equal opportunities

I will ensure no student must go through the difficulties I faced and that university needs to make changes in important areas to maintain the high standards it sets out.

I will continue the Students Union amazing work on mental health awareness and support as well as putting forward new ideas to meet student’s needs. Mental health is spoken in such a taboo way that it is very touchy subject for some. As welfare officer, I want to promote a positive mental health in which student can come and openly speak about their concerns to me. From the community work I engaged in my local community the best way for people to achieve is have the right foundation in place and I will ensure the right foundation is in place for students.

2) Student Voice
- I want everyone to be able to speak up and not only to be listened to, but also heard and action taken .
- I will do everything I can to help tackle any problems and to direct you to the best support.

3)The MC Board needs drastic changes based on my experiences.

Christina Gutierrez

I am Christina Gutierrez, a Cultural and Critical Studies Postgraduate Student! I am running to be your VICE PRESIDENT WELFARE! I am originally from Chicago, USA, but I have been calling London home for half a decade now! I moved here for my education, and it was one of the best decisions of my life!

At my previous university, I was the International Students Officer and loved my job! After graduating from the University of Roehampton, I worked as the Alumni Relations Representative. In these roles, I worked for the success and benefit of students from all over the world.
1. You’re paying a lot of money to be a student. You deserve every opportunity for during and after your studies. My goal is for the graduate to feel confident and excited for the future
2. Safety is essential. I will ensure all students have somewhere to call home. I have firsthand seen the struggle of moving across the globe. I want my classmates to feel safe and at home.
3. I will strengthen connections between the multiple campuses.  Creating events and providing transportation for students. 
4. Last but not least, the goal is for every student to feel included and involved. This will be done with more networking and social events for my peers.

I am inspired by my classmates and education. Nights out, making memories to late nights at the library, these moments are like no other. Student life is lovely, crazy, stressful and exciting all at the same time!

!!!!!!!!!~I hope you vote 202O CHRISTINA GUTIERREZ 2O20 this upcoming election~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura Draghici

First year can be scary, final year can be demanding, and in between many students feel confused. I know this as I too have been through these stages. Many, like myself, feel anxious when they move to a new country or start a new level of studies where they don't know anyone or they don't know what is expected of them. Thus, I want to be the friendly face in the crowd that will make this transition easier. The one that will look after your wellbeing and welfare

I have been previously trained in Mental Health First Aid, which qualified me to be a welfare ambassador during my second semester abroad at the University of Technology Sydney. Receiving the initial support on my first semester from the welfare team, inspired me to join their mission and help other students with their cultural shocks and an ease their adaptation to a new education system. 

If I were to be elected, I have 3 initial goals that focus on the 4 pillars of wellbeing:

1. Physical and Spiritual. Organize a weekly session of yoga and meditation where students are encouraged to listen to themselves, their thoughts and diminish their stress overload
2. Emotional and Mental. Establish the basis of a movement called “R U OK?” where I will set a day every week to go around campuses and listen to students who need to talk or want to share their feelings and experiences
3. Organize workshops about managing time more efficiently, knowing when to take a break and how students can improve their mental health

I am very passionate about the wellbeing of my fellow students and I would do anything in my power to help them have the best experience throughout their university years.

Lubaba Khalid

Re-Elect Lubaba Khalid #1 for Vice President Welfare!  

Hey everyone, I am excited to announce that I am re-running to be your Vice-President of Welfare! As your current Vice President of welfare, I have had the opportunity to start vital conversations around student welfare such as the ethnicity attainment gap, cultural competence support services and the disciplinary processes. However, I feel I have not finished the work and would love to be trusted once again to represent you with your welfare in the center of everything I do. 

My achievements:  
- Lobbied the university to cover the costs of the cultural competence audit (£7500) 
- Supported QHT bid that will be introducing three new members of staff who will be working on the attainment gap  
- Part of the Strategic Development day on sexual violence where disciplinary procedures were reviewed and all action points raised were implemented 
- Supported student union staff in implementing liberation networks  
- Organised Black History Month 2019  
- Wrote a report on the Ethnicity Attainment Gap at Westminster which was shared with senior members of Westminster’s academic community 
- A panelist at the launch of Student Minds University Mental Health Charter  
- Invited to speak at Parliament regarding student mental health  

My manifestos:  

1. Long term Strategy for the support service 
- Work on a long-term financial strategy with the support services which is adapted to the growing demand for the service but also the growing student population  

2. Mitigating circumstances 
- The current process is flawed and has led to numerous students struggling with submitting a large amount of coursework on the same day.  

3. To continue the workaround: 
- Ethnicity Attainment gap  
- Online reporting tool for students 
- Cultural Competence Care   

Nomhle Shantel Shenxane

"I envision a higher education system that provides more than just a degree, but one that equips self-regulated and resilient graduates"

Hi, My name is Shantel and I am running for the position of Vice President Welfare because I have experience of being a School Representative, Course Representative, Student Ambassador and Mentor during my academic journey. In these roles, I have developed the following skills (Interpersonal, Communication, Teamwork, Public Speaking and Organisational skills), I believe these make me an ideal candidate to represent student's voice in the Welfare Department. 

If elected, I would aim to

1) Organise a series of events aimed at getting first year and continuing students involved in developing their organisational, time management and stress management skills in order to cope with assignment deadlines and academic pressures. 

2) Implement mental and emotional wellbeing social actvities by running weekly youth-led information sessions in different venues across London to create an atmosphere for local students and international students to engage with one another and discuss their unique perspectives about wellbeing improvement in higher education.

3) Create awareness about the need for a change of policy to have resilience, self-regulation and personal development content embedded into the higher education curriculum to improve the student mental health crisis in the U.K. 

Thank you for reading my manifesto and feel free to get in contact with me to ask any questions about my ideas by emailing me at

Looking forward to representing your wellbeing in higher education!