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Vice President Undergraduate Education

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Faisa Omar

The Area I would like to oversee is the Undergraduate Education. Through my personal experience and as the Course Representative for Business Management and Entrepreneurship I have realised that the university needs to provide more support in regards to final year dissertation. My idea is to have a module as Elective or Option which prepares the students for dissertation before they start their final year. I believe this will give the students more time to think, this in turn will equip the students to be more confident when they start doing their Research Proposal.  

Being Prefect during my secondary school years helped me develop leadership skills and increase my confidence in every stage. It has taught to be responsible and to think about others as well. Furthermore, I have developed Time Management which is important trait one acquires by managing not only one’s own time but also the time of other. I have organised events, helped the teachers during parent evening/open days which helped me acquire social orientation. As Prefect the badge was the best thing I had friends and fans, I attended different events and saw people I don’t know smiling at me because they knew me as they saw my Prefect badge.

During my Sixth Form I was the Deputy Head Girl for both the Secondary School and Sixth Form, I have done assemblies and run election campaign on both the sites, which helped me develop my Communication and Public Speaking skills. As Deputy Head Girl I have supported student’s transition into school life by mentoring and communicating to them. Furthermore, being in a position of power and responsibility I have met greater number of students and teachers and generally I was respected by both the students and teachers. This improved my Critical Thinking and Management skills.  

Fatma Ali Zein

If I get elected, I would aim to:

- Increase student feedback and participation in order to provide a service more tailored to what students want. Through one to one drop in sessions, email surveys, course and school reps forums. This will not only help improve communication but provide an open and safe space for students to discuss problems and share any ideas they may have to help improve the services the University provides.
- Work to improve the quality of academic feedback to ensure that the comments students receive is fundamental to improving their learning.
- Aim to promptly respond to issues and challenges faced by students in their academic pursuit. I will work to tackle issues regarding lecture recordings, exams being after 6pm as well as back to back assignment deadlines. 
- Work to provide more support and assistance in essay writing and exam preparation. By working alongside with the SU to implement workshops on topics such as plagiarism, essay writing skills, easy steps for search of journals and resources using the online library service.

Jayne Flowers

Who am I?
Hello! My name is Jayne Flowers and I am running to be your VP for Undergraduate Education. Let me tell you a little bit about myself!

The personal bit:                                                                 The experience bit:

✿ Age: 21                                                                            ✿ Sociology Course Rep (2 years)
✿ Pronouns: They/Them                                                     ✿ Senior Student Ambassador (2 Years)
✿ Uni: Sociology 3rd Year                                                   ✿ Society Chair (1 Year)
✿ Job Goal: Lecturer and University Outreach                   ✿Active in Student Council (I introduced policy to get the new Trans/Non-binary officer!) (1 Year)

My Manifesto:

I want to build a campaign based on intersectionality, liberation, and students having the tools to be the best they can be, inside and beyond university. As a diverse, multifaceted university, your education deserves nothing less.

✿ Cultural and Social Competence Within Lectures - Course content about liberation groups by liberation groups. This would mean, for example, as a trans student, I would expect a trans lecturer to be teaching me about trans identity or be getting the best alternative.
✿ Promoting HEAR- Working With Staff and Students to ensure Students can maximize their HEAR. An alarming amount of people don’t know what HEAR is! I want to enable students to leave their undergraduate degrees with the best possible report.
✿ Student Lead Course Content - Enabling students to guide what kind of content is put into courses, even if it’s for the year after them! This means deciding on reading lists and what does or does not work as course content. 
✿ Subject Rapports - Improving relationships across years and between different topics. This means greater cohesion between the foundation, first, second, third and fourth years as well as better collaboration between subjects

Lorenzo Reati Simoni

- standardise feedback for all graded assignments 
- campaign to stress the importance for exam feedback across the years 
- make available more past papers exams and course works. 
- reject exam or coursework results if not happy and re-take them. 
- Finals before Christmas break in order for international students to see their families with no pressure.
- end of the year presentations by professors for all upcoming courses
- stimulate projects in the campus where students and professors can work together. Get credit from it which can boost your final result at the end of the year.
- lessons more interactive, where possible application of technology and exposure to real life work. 
- stimulate discussion and action on issue/ campaigns/ debates with other universities and ted conference 
- student discount in stores near campuses especially for healthy food , more money saved less work more study and enjoy university.
- big prom end of each semester, where money can go in charity/ societies
- parties around campuses, less tinder more real life.
- No exams after 4 pm
- Nespresso coffee machine, free coffee during exams period 

Monique Noel Brown

“I repeated a year”, is one of the most heartbreaking, and challenging things I have ever had to admit to, whilst studying at university. I was at risk of being kicked out, because I did not have the right information to get me through my first year. At this moment I thought my dreams-my future career, my love for education was over. I consistently thought “only people who fail in life, repeat a year”, and that affected the way I approached my education. However, when having support from friends and teachers, I was able to see that this minor setback, was in fact an opportunity. If I were to get this role as Vice President for undergraduate education, I would ensure no one feels as I did. I would encourage students that a repeated year is not a fail, but a second chance at greatness. 

To begin, I would love to improve the clarity of information, being given and received to students. When I started my first year, I was unsure about module credits and how they helped me develop into the next year. With my guidance, students won’t have to wonder. I would also love to create more language inclusive clubs, in addition to student-run coursework guidance sessions. As for new students, making friends and adapting to university curriculum is not always easy. As a current Language and GC course rep, I focus my time on ensuring my peers have the support and help they need, when it comes to coursework and exams; nobody feels left behind. Therefore as your Vice President, I will not only be a figurehead. I will be a symbol of guidance for all undergraduate students, in their educational and day-to-day lives.

Change starts with a voice, I will be that voice.

Sena Abbey

Dear UWSU,

My interest in applying for the full-time Vice President of Undergraduate Education is based on my experiences as a course and student representative over the years on matters relating to course design/ structure, assessment and timetabling and much wider participation on legal affairs and inclusion. Another reason for applying for this role is based on my student life experience as an undergraduate student for the past three years.

As a final year law student, with wider experiences and skills acquired through these roles, I believe I can lead the undergraduate students at Westminster University on a larger scale and with an exsiting connection with the head of school, tutors and colleagues, I would be able to act accordingly and represent all students across the institution

It has taken me weeks to finally decide to apply for this role, just a few hours before the deadline, this is because I wanted to be sure this is a role I would be able to take on board full time and succeed in exercising my role diligently and honestly. I also believe that in as much as I have a role to play, it requires discipline and open-minded individuals who can and will stand up for all student concern

I aim to represent the student body on every matter to achieve the desired result and represent my university by promoting what is true during meetings, campaigns and the wider social circle and solving real issues on the ground.

I would want to believe that my past experiences in representing students throughout my undergraduate study at Westminster have yield transferable skills that will be meaningful and impactful when exercising my role in the year to come. 

I appreciate this opportunity and hope to be considered.

Thank You.