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Vice President Postgraduate Education

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Arian Ahmetaj

The transition from the undergraduate level to postgraduate has been an insightful experience as it enabled me to realize key areas where POST-GRADUATE students can receive more support, while being more actively involved within the Westminster community. As the captain of the basketball team, and member of various societies, it is clear that post-grad students lack involvement within the student’s union. I believe that this is an area of concern.

Therefore, I aim to bridge the gap between the two student bodies through intensive promotion across all post graduate platforms.

I also aim to ensure that every lecture is recorded and made available at every postgraduate platform.

Having spoken to current post-graduates and alumni’s I received feedback stating that employability week and employment fairs have only mainly been targeted towards undergrads. Therefore, a new prospect career fair specifically targeted to post-grad students will be launched in coordination with the careers team.  

Additionally, I will provide support to international postgrad students while transitioning into the UK's workforce by:

Creating an online portal/database enabling International students find companies that employ students with tier 2/4 visas.

Provide a monthly focus group/survey for aspiring entrepreneurs.


There is a lack of support for post-graduates upon enrolment. Once accepted to University of Westminster i will provide a "post-graduate" manual containing the key information about life at Westminster and tailor it specifically to courses.

Additionally, I will have a biweekly help desk located on each campus, this is where any post-grad student can directly come to me if any assistance is required.

Upon acceptance, every new post-grad student will be enrolled onto a database where they will be matched with former students that have completed a similar course or speak the same language.

Ben Sopot

Being a postgraduate student is definitely a stressful but rewarding experience - at the end of this stage of your academic career, you get a degree which reflects your qualification. In order to focus on producing an excellent dissertation, students need to be able to dedicate themselves to it. Their university should be an asylum where they can find everything they need. I am here to help them to get this. I will make sure they are satisfied with the quality of their studies and that their courses guarantee success in their future careers. I will work on the work placements and work programmes UoW provide since the main reason students pay their fees is to be able to find a dream job. The other common issue raised by students is (un)affordable housing in London - not easy but possible. Students need to be aware of possible solutions. They should be provided with all information during the induction week which I will make sure will not be taken for granted (without assuming they're continuing to study at UoW; many of them are new students and need advice!). I want to co-operate with BAME and LGBTI officers to ensure that diversity and inclusivity are promoted within PG students. Another issue, which is close to my heart, is sustainability. A good environment is one of the key factors in the process of studying. Less waste is a lifestyle I would like to encourage. I strongly believe that a university can be a place which not only let some be a specialist but also comprehensively develop on many levels. Quality education lets us become professionalists. Becoming more aware of the surrounding world makes us only better as human beings. Why not get both while just being at the university? Let's do it together. 

Ismahan Nur

Hi there. I'm Ismahan Nur and I am running to be the Vice President of Postgraduate Education.  Education has always been something close to my heart and is the reason I am putting myself forward for this role. If you vote for me I promise to deliver on:  
- Implementing Wellbeing Wednesday for all Postgraduate Students  
- Campaign for all libraries to open for longer hours during the summer for PG students to have consistent access to resources and use of space 
- To work on the quality of Assessment and Feedback for all students 
- Boost Social Provision for Postgraduate Taught and Research  
- Effective and Efficient Distribution of Academic workload 

Mohamed Elbetity

As a representative of the student body in postgraduate education matters, we are raising the bar further in terms of communication channels with graduate students is a priority.

While International students attend the majority of Postgraduate courses at University of Westminster, most of them still find the available resources and communication tools always not up to date with the current rapid changes happening in Social media world

The majority of students are still in their 20s, developing the existing social media channels by integrating it as a regular task for students undergoing related courses, from content creation, design and execution. This program is not only a real-life work experience for the students but also an excellent reputation for being the University that’s run by its students, digitally.

I will contribute the most in coordinating activities and campaigns for postgraduate students that either connects or helps them match with their potential employers.

Events will not be our only strategy to reach out for employability opportunities.

I am taking the challenge further developing a sustainable internship program with the growing tech companies and the well-established giants.
We are allowing our students to stand out between their competitors and increasing the University’s credibility for being a university that sets their students on their first step towards their careers.

Establishing a more significant network of connections with postgraduates through a scheduled face to face per class interviews scheduled across the academic year, this is to accelerate the potential for hearing current and unexposed issues and students concerns.

Being a Chevening scholar,  going through this experience multiple times across three different continents, in five different countries.
It makes me aware of the responsibility and the importance of this role, which I believe I meet it’s criteria and can deliver its tasks and develop it even further