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Vice President Activities

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Daniel Wayas

Hello, my name is Daniel and I am a final year student on BA Contemporary Media Practice (CMP). I am submitting my name for role of Activities Vice President.

My interest and passion for the role are mainly due to my experience as a student. I‘ve been involved in various clubs and societies within the student union. I am still involved currently with the Men’s futsal team, as well as Wing Chun. I feel my experience has made me an ideal candidate for several reasons.

Towards the end of my first year at uni, I sustained injuries from a near fatal motor vehicle accident. The accident had a profound impact on my life not just as a student but as a person altogether. A new focus on my wellbeing became a priority that forced me to put into perspective a whole new approach as a student and an outlook on life.

As a student, I also was awarded a scholarship by the university and I have also spent a semester abroad on an exchange at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. The experience I feel gave me the opportunity to experience a different environment while recovering from my injuries

My injuries have not dwindled my passion for sports and activities, however. I feel more can be done to encourage student participation. I feel opportunity for many of the students to get involved has been overlooked since I've been at uni, a new structure should be made. I feel the activities, whether to do with the sports clubs or university societies and welfare should work together through offering students are variety. I feel a variety will aid students wellbeing and their entire experience at university.

Javan Aninye-Aaron

Hi Westminster! I’m Javan, a full-time undergrad student based in the Regents Street campus, and a sitting committee member of the ACSociety. When surveying our student body about their overall uni experience, a common grievance is that it is too similar to their college experience and sentiments that there may be something amiss. And indeed, having small campuses plotted around central London may not be ideal and may feel isolating for those with long commutes. My main objective as Vice President: Activities Officer is to establish a community spirit and ensure that the time you spend on campus is as satisfying and engaging as possible. 

After coming back from my year abroad and seeing the hard work of our current UWSU, I know it is possible to improve uni life, and I wish to carry the mantle in creating a better community experience. 

Manifesto proposals:

Reorganising social/leisure spaces
 - Thankfully my campus, Regent Street experienced a facelift called the Hideaway, equipped with comfy leather couches, Starbucks, a DJ booth and strobe lights. I believe all campuses are entitled to upgrades!

Open mic mondays - I know Westminster is brimming with talent, I would like to commit to a biweekly open mic, giving our alumni the platform to showcase and promote their creative sides

Power to societies: I would like to increase funding for societies with high engagement, if they wish to undertake more ambitious projects and events, which potential paid temporary job opportunities. 

Closer attention to festivities: Whether its fundraising kissing booths on st Valentine’s day, a puppy playpen in the middle of Marleybone for Mental Health Awareness Week, or decorations and additional canteen options during Chinese New Year, I plan for there never to be a dull moment on campus, coordinating with societies and local talent achieve an animated campus atmosphere that reflects the diversity of culture and passions in the Westminster student body.

A streamlined accessible calendar for all students wherein societies can promote their open events.

Organise special skills and tools workshops

Olivia Ponsford

Course: Msc Psychology
Experience: Founder and former President of the Mental Health Society, 2018/19 Women’s Football Captain

Manifesto points:

Development of sports team for students with disabilities  
- Better sporting facilities and transport for all teams
- Improving sponsorships 
- ‘Fun for all’ monthly sporting events

Mental health
Mental health first aid training 
- Suicide prevention workshops 
- Alpaca and dog therapy
- ‘Movember’ focus

Society Spotlight 
- Create a RAG society 
- Increased events abroad
- More events for International students
- Transparency in funding 
- Prioritise student events and activities rather than external events

- Events throughout the year for sport and societal recognition 
- Use social media to bridge the gap between societies and sports + highlight success
- ‘Funday Friday’ 

The ‘Career Development Fund’
- Promote internships and volunteering
- Increased SU jobs that are career relevant 

Priya Nahar

- To create a more structured system for Sports and Societies at the Old Gym and Harrow Sports Hall
- Provide storage room and lockers for Sports and Societies
- To get a bigger Sports Hall
- For Personal Tutors to include sports and societies within their first semester tutorials
- Create a Social Space in P3

Sandi Nurpeissova

My name is Sandi and I am currently in my final year of Architectural Technology and the Women’s Basketball Team Captain. Throughout my academic years I really enjoyed the social side of the student experience. Attending clubs and events organised by the Student Union allowed me to meet a diverse group of people and form amazing, long-lasting friendships. I want to run for VP of activities because I want to give new and current students an even better university experience by helping them get involved with the student community. My drive is to make students feel supported and heard, thus making the University of Westminster a place where they belong

As VP of activities I aim to implement the following:

1. Increase the recognition of UoW sports, specifically women’s sports teams and better promote the dragons society
- make sports events/matches more engaging and advertised; 
- nutrition and sports month across university: friendly matches; nutrition seminars; fitness challenges; 
- use the dragons mascot during events and have promotional campaigns across campuses with the mascot for wider recognition of dragons across university                                            

Volunteering and employability:
1. Subject and life skill related workshops
2. Hosting ‘’TED’’ talks by graduating and post-grad students to give them an opportunity to improve their confidence and public speaking and allow them to share their knowledge and findings during the course of their educational journey
3. Freshers - graduate engagement events to help new students learn from the experience of the graduating students

Societies and events:
1. Better variety of parties (i.e. themed, outdoor, start having Westminster festival at the Chiswick facilities,   post-exam hangouts)
2. Stress relief activities every month (i.e group nap times, painting therapy, comedy nights)
3. E-sports events
4. Paint balling trips
5. Create a synced timetable for events that students would be able to put in their device calendar 

Tariq Al-Gori

Hi, my name is Tariq AL-Gori. I’m a third-year student studying Business Management. My main passion whiles studying here at the University of Westminster is my involvement with sport particularly in football. I am a confidant individual with can do attitude. I am pleased to be given this opportunity to apply for the job role of Vice President.  I feel that I would be the perfect candidate for the role. I am currently a Youth Coordinator for the Yemeni British Community in London as a volunteer. This has provided me with a great deal of experience working in a professional setting. I have substantial leadership skills which I have gained from my educational experiences an example of this was when I was at school I was elected as a head of year representative. During my role of being a head of year representative I gained the knowledge of gathering opinions and views from several students and picking out the ones of most importance in order to express concerns or ways of improvement.  

 I will increase the participation in sport through the introduction of integrated university sports competition. This will include different sports to provide more access but also friendly competition. Will communicate with local communities  and businesses this in order to create links for sponsorship. I will promote and raise awareness of health and well-being issues and organise any relevant events and materials to support them. I will organise weekly sport activities for students as well as sport events. Will have a one-hour drop in session for student and sport team members to discus and raise any issue that they may have. I will introduce different short sport courses for students. I will organise a career fairs to provide opportunities related to societies, sports and to improve value to employers.