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Dain Son

I am a final year Biochemistry Student with great passion towards a safe and healthy learning environment for UoW students. Having started my studies from Foundation and being a course rep for 3 years as well as the founder and President of the Environmental Society for 2 years, I have experienced the different roles and positions UoW students are in while at UoW. I believe this has given me a great perspective on how the university works and the SU works, and what us students really want to see changed!

I have loved every single moment of being a student here at UoW and I want to make sure everyone leaves feeling the same way. I believe that with my experience, passion, and ideas I will be able to contribute towards further improving the SU and your experience as a student. Improved well-being services, support, sustainability, safety, communication, and accountability is what I will accomplish if elected as your President, below are some details on what I will work towards achieving:

* Improve communications between the SU and UoW
* Ensure students are clear as to who they can contact in different situations
* Improve the SU’s current sustainability initiative for society members and students to take part
* Work towards reducing waste (especially plastic waste) generation within the university
* Ensure all UoW students receive education on climate change to become leading examples in society
* Raise awareness of Wellness Wednesdays and training for society leaders and provide enough resources for them to participate
* Improve communication between societies and provide opportunities for societies to collaborate with each other, external businesses, and charities
* Work towards a carbon neutral SU and university
* Increase accountability within societies and the course rep system
* Start a leadership program for students

Ibrahim Mohammed Alzaid


A student that is ill, currently has to provide a letter from a doctor to extend a deadline without being penalised. This can put students at a stressful choice of, either submitting the assignment whilst ill or missing it and applying for mitigating circumstances and providing evidence. This means students have to take a risk.
Introducing self-certification will allow us to (once a year) extend a coursework with no penalty and without the need to provide any evidence. This include personal reasons that can remain confidential. 

Prayer and multi-faith rooms with natural light
All prayer and multi-faith rooms apart from one are underground with no natural light. Additionally, some have minimal ventilation.  
The university currently hides these facilities as if we are ashamed of them. we should celebrate our diversity rather than shying away from it.

Challenge government regulation around international students' working hours
Currently international students are allowed to work 20hrs a week this includes voluntary work. 
I will work alongside the National Union of Students (NUS) to challenge this and find a non discriminatory solution.

Receive feedback on all exams
I will work on making feedback on exams compulsory. This will help you improve your writing style for questions, which will improve your answers in future examinations. 

Proving sanitiser dispensers in all campuses. 
With the recent outbreak of the coronavirus, it is important to provide these dispensers. Especially, considering that universities are a place where people gather and germs could easily be spread. 

Mariama Hashi

Empowering students to feel like they are part of a community that values their voice and ideas is the main reason I am running for UWSU president. My name is Mariama and I will make UWSU your students' union if you choose me as your president

I am currently in my third year studying English Literature & Language, representing students at Regents and LTS campus liaison officer and working at the Students’ union as a receptionist. Besides listening and connecting to you I will work on

1. Increasing face-to-face interactions by holding multiple mini voice week events across the year so that you are always up to date on what your officers are up to and how you can get involved

2. Supporting part time officers and course reps to deliver changes and campaigns that inspire you and improve your academic experience

3. Work on bringing daytime lessons for postgraduate students  

4.Creating a support network for students struggling with mental health as well as holding regular art therapy sessions 

5.Working with the university to deliver workshops for students regarding Tax, housing, and finances

I want to build an SU that supports you, empowers you, and inspires you to develop professionally and personally, in lectures and outside lectures. 

Together we can make it more than UWSU, we can make it YOUR SU. Vote MARIAMA.

Padamjeet Singh

A vote for me is a vote for you!

Hi Everyone!

I am Padamjeet an international student currently in my third year studying Business Management at University of Westminster! I have been working with many social and sports societies to bring the best events for students. I am running for the position of president in the SU. I feel that there is scope for many potential changes which would lead the Students of the university in a better direction.

I think it is important that their voice is heard and there must be a strategic and systematic way to ensure an enhanced student experience.

If elected, my main objectives will be:

-  I would make sure that there are more and better social spaces for students to socialize . Ambika hall will be converted to a social space.

-I would make sure that on campus activities like table tennis, pool table and many more are free.
-  I would introduce a digital ID card system which would be hassle free system for students as they can carry their IDs on their phone and introduce id card top up for on campus spending.
- I would also get the bathrooms fitted with Muslim showers for convenience.
-Mental health week and on campus activities to relieve stress will be introduced. 
- More study spaces throughout the campus and introduction of sleeping pods for rest in library and on campus. 
-NSS forms and university ranking (overall student satisfaction programs will be introduced)
-More funds to societies to host bigger events and more help from the SU to bring external speakers.

 I am really passionate about bringing these changes and making sure that every student has a memorable student experience at University of Westminster!!!

Sara Zekaj

There is one thing that I learned by myself on a very young age: Advancement is never a solo process. One of the most powerful sources of knowledge and understanding in my life have been the social networks I have become embedded in over the years, the organizations I have been part of, the people I presented alongside at conferences, my classmates and colleagues at the institution where I worked. And through my work experience in private, public institution and international organizations I learned that leadership is not doing everything by your own, but rather influencing or motivating group of people and choosing the right group to work with.

Being a Course Representative for the MA International Relations and Security, I am very dedicated in being the students voice. But there is so much we can improve in our university. As a President I would work with passion and high integrity and do my best to fulfill my duties according to my role

 Key points:


- More books and access of university of Westminster to books and articles online.
- More diversity in teaching (institutions visit, guest lectures)
- A university app that shows students upcoming academic events, societies and sport clubs the university offers.


- Empower Course Reps- more training and more representation.
- Liaise with external organizations as required and appropriate to the role
- More visibility of the Union through lobbying and campaigning.


- Post Graduate job Support
- Increase accommodation in proportion to increasing students’ numbers (monthly payment!)
- Affordable prices of the gym.
- Peer to peer student tutoring system.

Common space:

- Lockers in the library or common spaces


- Goodbye donation- donating stuff which u can’t take home, like clothes, bed sheets, cooking utensils which can go to charity foundations, animal shelters or just use as secondhand shopping for new students.