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Part Time Officer

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Women Students' Officer Candidates

Sadie Duvall

Vote Sadie Duvall for womens officer because no one else will work as hard for you as I will. If you self-identify as a women then i will fight for you regeardless. Intersectionality within feminism is not optional, it is essential.
I am currently a second year Politics and International Relations student and i want to be your womens officer because I beleive in equal oppurtunties and a safe and supportive environment for all regardless of gender.
I will campaign for
-Free mentrual products in all toilets (regardless of the gender of the bathroom) and by having free bundles of mentrual products for students to take home
-Ending peirod shame and misconceptions about periods
-Ensure that nobody is discriminated agaisnt because of their gender in applications or opportunities within the university
-Encourage and teach people how to stand up to discrimination and sexual harrassment on campus as part of a zero tolerance campaign
-Ensure that my campaign and our campus is always inclusive and intersectional as  women do not all experince misogyny and sexism in the same way
-Address the ramifications of 'lad culture' and ensure that sexual consent is understood by all students on all campuses
-Create more training oppurtunities for women to be able to break into male dominated careers
-Encourage women to take control of their own health. I would do this by encouraging particpation in smear tests and breast cancer screenings but also buy encouraging women to change their contracpetives if they have side effects. For too long, women have been taught that these side effects are normal and that they have to just deal with them. When in reality this unacceptable, contraceptives should never compromise your physical and mental health

Disabled Students' Officer Candidates

Tori Burnett
I am applying to be Westminster’s Disability officer as I believe we have the potential to be a fully inclusive university and Students Union. Transitioning into university and from university to the work pace is a difficult thing for most of us, and something we should celebrate! However, I would like to do what I can to make this smoother for all including those with disabilities. Did you know 96% of illnesses are invisible, of people with a chronic invisible illness, 60% are between the ages of 18 - 64 so this potentially affects a large quantity of our population. Of Westminster students who declared a disability with UCAS, 40% are not registered with DLS and potentially aren’t getting their needs met.  
- I would campaign for a platform for students and staff with invisible illnesses to feel safe to declare and know their needs will be met, through simple changes like amendments to disabled toilet signs as well as larger changes within the university.
- Challenging students and staff to change the way they think about accessibility as well as working with VP’s to bridge the gap in education and activities. 
- Campaigning to ensure all campuses and social spaces are open to all
- Generating a step-free and escalator-free guide to and between our campuses
- Working with employability services across Westminster to reach further and support all students as disabled people are more than twice as likely to be unemployed as non-disabled people

International Students' Officer Candidates

Natali Usma Bustamante
I am Natali Usma Bustamante, I am an international student from Colombia. I feel that I can and will fulfill this role because I strongly relate to the struggles of my community and wish for the university to support international students more.
I wish to support international students by representing us at the university. I want our international students to feel heard and understood in terms of their university, academic, and private life by boosting networks in which we can engage with each other. I wish to support my community in any way I can.
Coming from a different country with different language and culture to live alone in London while studying is very difficult and for this I wish to carry on with ideas for our international students to feel more appreciated within the university. By creating networks, workshops and activities that enable international students to relate and share their concerns with the university. Also, by acknowledging information that international students need to know.
I want to represent international students to become an effective agent that can streghten the community by emphasising matters of mental health, academic support, budgetary concerns, career wise etc. I want to fulfill this role so that international students find a representative that can help with our concerns and support them in their daily life at university as well as outside. I wish to create more networks with societies so that we can find the support we need as an integrated community that looks after each other. Through social media and workshops I wish for students to engage in an active university life inside and outside of it.
I believe I can fulfill this role by looking after our international students at university through representing, coordinating activities and defending our rights. 

Raja Touiri
Hi, my name is Raja Touiri and I am running for International Student Officer. I am studying International Relations and Development at the Regent Street Campus. As an foreign student myself, I will aim to connect international students within every aspect of the University by providing and promoting support services. 
I have experience as a course representative for my degree where I aid in not only expressing students concerns, but also putting forward action points in order to achieve the aims needed to give students an enjoyable experience within the university. Moreover, being an international student from Italy, I understand the emotional and financial toll it takes to be a foreign student
If I am elected I will:
- Campaign for increased funding and scholarships for international students in order to support with financial issues.
- More social events to encourage the interaction amongst not only international students but also among the University as a whole. 
- Implement a feedback system for international students where they can share their experiences within the university and what they would like to see improved.
- To raise awareness and improve services the university is already providing. 

Wale Awoyinka
My name is Wale Awoyinka, from Nigeria, studying International relations and development. 
-      Increased awareness of mental health and support.
-     Campaign for "international student buddies" to help international student settle down well and fast on and off campus.
-      Make the international students more aware of their rights in the various aspects of university life ensuring they we get equal opportunities.
-      Ensure that the international student voice is heard, and the issues and difficulties students face are addressed.
-      Equal opportunities are provided in terms of careers at the university by arranging more careers and employability fairs specifically for international students.
Please vote for me and I won't let you down.
Thank You

BAME Students' Officer Candidates

HI! I am Samira, a second-year student who studies BA Politics and International Relations. Being a young British Asian woman, I feel a sense of duty to represent the BAME student body. 
As a politically active student, I have represented the university for example through NUS delegation in which I nationally expressed the interest of the University, which helped me further develop communication and public-speaking skills. 
I have closely worked with DEN, for a year and a half, which included BAME excellence celebration events like Black History Month PoetryEvent and Women’s Panel Discussions, and a night celebrating different cultural backgrounds. During these events, I grew my networking skills and a close relationship with the SU. Over the past year I have also been involved with various societies such as the BSoc, PakSoc, and Students4Refugees. 
Once I am elected, with strong leadership I intend to focus on three elements: 

Firstly, I would like to tackle the Attainment Gap by lobbying individuals for transparency in their BAME related university policies. A team would be organised to support with advice for disadvantaged BAME students, as well as speeches on race and culture, and an event with successful BAME representatives from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Secondly, I would like to focus on breaking the misconception within the BAME community. To achieve this, I will organise events such as panel discussion and debates on the features of this topic and coordinate inter-society events that would include other members of the wider community.  

Thirdly, health of the BAME community, which would include mental health as well as other health pre-existing conditions. I would do so by raising awareness on genetic precursors of the BAME community by inviting experts to discuss this, whilst also creating a safe space for those who may feel uncomfortable or reluctant to speak about.

Cavendish Campus Liaison Officer Candidates

Jeffery Ehis-Usman
Dear Sir/Ma

When I read about the position of liaison officer I knew I had to apply right away. I am very familiar with this role as I have gained 3 years of experience working as a Liason Officer for FENSA Group under The Glass and Glazing Federation and I'd like to bring my experience and my skills to work for the University

I currently work as a Broker for Hastings Direct insurance which makes me the main contact person for a client who need answers to their questions or who are looking to get a better deal from the underwriter. I provide excellent customer service to people who need to get in contact with others who are best able to provide solutions.

I have a very good problem-solving and people skills which both are highly important in the successful execution of my role as a Liaison Officer. I am also an efficient worker and i work well within a team, following instructions and helping others where they need it. I believe this role will help me develop my skills further and I am also excited as it allows me to make a real impact at the University. 

I am flexible enough to work weekends and after hours when necessary and would be highly honoured to have an opportunity to work and represent the University.


Jeffery Ehis  

Harrow Campus Liaison Officer Candidates

Francesco Ghanaymi

I'm starting this campaign under one motto: let's work. I'm new to this University and I don't know much people: though I have clear ideas on what to do for Harrow own benefits. First, we need to get new books to the library: this is crucial for the right development of the community. Many readers walk through the campus and they can't find what they're looking for: books! We need to get more books to the libraries. Second, we need to get the social activities more engaging. I know that a lot was made for students, but most of the people are completely unaware of this. Indeed, we need to get more publicity over the social events, and at the same time we need to get better in building up socially useful events. For example, I'm a journalist and it would be nice to have some famous and good journalists over for a night at University, a conference or a debate.Third, we need to make professors more collaborative with the students. A direct way to communicate must be create between students and professors, and it has to be effective. Let's say clear: students have the right to get answers fast and easy! A plan for a degree or a request cannot be answers in more than three days! Indeed, we need to build a direct way to communicate between students and professors, and it has to be REALLY effective. Fourth: more sport on campus. Five: easier access to work for the students. It’s great to be able to work during University, but it’s even greater when University helps you in finding a job related to your course of study! Being a waiter is okay, but not if you’re studying photography! If you want to hear more, keep listening through election.

Marylebone Campus Liaison Officer Candidates

Adam Kubanek

My name is Adam Kubanek and I am a first year student of Finance. Since I came to the University of Westminster and first experienced the atmosphere of the Marylebone campus I was comparing the campus with other institutions and schools I experienced before and I decided that I would like to contribute my initiative to the embetterment of the University of Westminster and the Marylebone campus.

As a first year student I am quite new to the campus and therefore I can bring some fresh ideas to the Student Union. I am a confident student looking to improve the environment of a campus that will be my workplace for the next 3 years. My goal is not only to affect the life at the Marylebone campus for the next 1 or 3 years. I am aiming to implement changes that will affect the life at the Marylebone campus even beyond my time there.

I take initiative in getting to know people from all backgrounds, observing their work ethic and quality of life. My main goal as the Marylebone Liaison Officer will be to improve learning and the quality of life at the Marylebone campus. 

I think I will be a great fit for the role because I have extensive experience with leadership positions. In high school I was an elected House Captain and a head representative of my school in the high school union. On these bodies I successfully campaigned to improve conditions for students, both with regard to academics and the school environment.

Additionally, I completed the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, which has made me a more flexible person, one who appreciates the benefits of effective teamwork, persistence and creative thinking and that is exactly what I would like to bring to the Westminster Student Union.

Regent and LTS Campus Liaison Officer Candidates

Tasneem Fadel

Hi, my name is Tasneem Fadel and I am running for the position of Regent and LTS Campus Liaison. I am studying International Relations and Development at the Regent Street Campus. As someone who is passionate about people and interacting with the wider community, I will aim to bring about change and support that will give you the opportunity to have an enjoyable student experience within your time at the University. 
I have experience in advocating for student matters and putting them into action as I am currently a course representative, which has allowed me to develop the following skills; communication, listening, organisation, and public speaking skills. I believe these skills make me an ideal candidate. 
If elected I would aim to:
- Hold a series of social events which aims to get more people involved within the university that allow you to interact with other students that are both within and outside of your course.
- Have more available student support around the campus
- To make sure that equipment and facilities around the campus are adequate and suitable to ensure you get the most out of your time within the university.
- I will aim to find a way to reduce the costs or find a reasonable alternative to making food within the canteen more affordable and more accessible for you.