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NUS Delegates

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Zahra Butt

My name is Zahra, I’m a Creative Writing and English Literature second year running as an NUS delegate for the second time to represent our university. I am the current BAME officer and have been collecting research and information on BAME mental health so would like to have the opportunity to go to NUS and provide a new restructure of our service. Another issue I would like NUS to tackle is sexual assault on campus, this would be as a preventative measure and to help current ongoing cases. With this is would like to have GreenDot as a university wide project.  As a final point I would like to raise the issue of discrimination which will tackle problems like: Islamophobia, sexism, anti-Semitism and homophobia on university campuses.

Restructuring Mental Health Services: I would like to increase the amount of funding that is given to Mental Health Services so that more counsellors and advisers are employed to help students. This funding will also be put towards getting students involved in workshops that show them how to manage their student lives. In a time where there are 4.7 deaths per 100,000 student’s due to suicide, I would like NUS to make Mental Health for everyone a top priority. This means the inclusivity of BME and LGBT+ students. 

Inclusive support against sexual assault: I would like to campaign against sexual assault on university campuses as well as provide inclusive support for people who have been affected by assault. I would like NUS to take matters of sexual assault seriously as many cases go unreported leaving student with no physical and emotional support. I would also like to put forward the greendot inititive university wide.

Fighting discrimination: I would like to help tackle issues surrounding Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, sexism and homophobia on university campuses. 

Samira Azir

Hi everyone, my name is Samira Azir I am re -running for National Union of Students Delegate in order to represent you and uphold the voice of Westminster University at a national level. I am a second year Politics and international relations student, who has always been passionate about voicing the opinions of my fellow students. The NUS have platforms to take the views of students to institutions which can effectively make change and for this reason, I would like to have the opportunity to embody Westminster students at a national conference. When elected I promise to continue to push forward these three key elements: 
Campaigning NUS​​:​ ​I will make sure that the NUS fulfil their duties and responsibility towards all students, to understand and protect all students concerns. Supporting and raising awareness for campaigns such as anti-racism, free education, #liberatemydegree and mental health issues. 
Opposing PREVENT: ​​The ‘PREVENT’​ ​​strategy has made being Muslim in Britain a conditional freedom. it has led to racial profiling and unequal treatment towards Muslims within the university. I will therefore work with NUS in order to oppose the ‘PREVENT’ strategy. 
Against hate & discrimination​​: ​​With hate crimes rising many students across the UK feel unrepresented and defenceless. I will make sure i work with NUS to tackle important issues such as sexism, islamophobia, racism, homophobia and any other form of hate or discrimination on campus.

Mariam Irfan

My name is Mariam Irfan and I am running for NUS delegate because I believe collective action on a national scale will allow universities to fulfil their potential as institutional agents of change in society. Here are the main issues I will focus on as an NUS delegate when elected: 

Environmental action: Every important social movement of the past half-century began on campus. When elected I plan to devote my capabilities towards the climate crisis, which I believe should be one of these historical student movements. Our impact on society is through the research we produce and for this very simple fact we should aim to stop all flows of research towards fossil fuel extraction. Universities should be the role models for the rest of the world to follow, not the perpetrators. 

Put your degree in practice: Most students dreaded questions is, “What will I do after university?” Currently, only 52% of graduates get a graduate-level job. Does this statistic not scare you? If elected, I will make sure the NUS fulfil their duties and responsibilities towards students by introducing more initiatives to help students begin their careers. 

Academic Freedom: The Prevent duty under the Counterterrorism and Security Act has created a climate of suspicion within universities and colleges. The indicators used by the Government could arouse suspicion about anyone involved in activism but it disproportionatly targets marginalised groups, such as black and Muslim students. Our political and religious views cannot be expressed freely under this act and for these reasons, I will work with NUS to lobby against this act.   

Lubaba Khalid

My name is Lubaba and I am rerunning for NUS delegate. Had the amazing opportunity to represent you twice at national conference would love to be given the chance to represent you again and the interests of Westminster Student union on a national level. Vote Lubaba Khalid #1 NUS Delegate.
Opposing PREVENT:  
The ‘PREVENT’ strategy has led to state censorship and routine racial profiling of Muslim students on our campuses. I will support initiatives to oppose it.
Support and increase funding for Mental health provisions and campaigns; increase student support networks and increased funding for mental health services. To campaign for better mental health services in the face of cuts and austerity. I want to make sure that NUS is prioritizing to tackle mental health and voice the stigma around BME and mental health.
Fighting discrimination: tackling Islamophobia, anti­Semitism, homophobia, sexism on university campuses.