Sabbatical Officers

These five full-time officers set the direction of the Students' Union, and are elected once per year by you.

We support one sabbatical officer for each campus, along with a president, who represents all students across all campuses.

Standing to be a full-time officer is a great way to boost your employability and create lasting change for your fellow students.


Representation Officers

These volunteer officers support the full-time officers and look after the interests of particular groups, such as LGBT, international and disabled students.


NUS Delegates

NUS delegates represent Westminster at the annual National Union of Students' annual conference.

The Annual NUS National Conference is the sovereign policy-making body of NUS and brings together nearly a thousand delegates from students' unions across the country to discuss, debate and vote on motions and elect the political leadership of the organisation for the year ahead.


Course Representatives

These elected student volunteers are an essential link between the university and their fellow learners.

They meet regularly with faculty staff, bringing issues to their attention and working together to improve the teaching experience of their course.

Course reps are always open to new ideas from their peers for what can be improved.


Friends of Arriving New Students

Our FANS provide a personal welcome to new students at the University, helping them settle in and acting as their first point of contact for the first couple of weeks.

FANS are a vital part of our Great Start project, which brings together the Universities Faculties, the Students’ Union and Corporate Services to deliver the best possible induction for new students.


Your uni, your voice

Our campaigns are thought up and led by students. If you have an idea to improve your university experience, let us know here.