Join Sports and Societies

If you have an 'I am interested' membership for a sport or society, let's make it OFFICIAL

Login at the top right hand corner using the same details you use for Engage and Blackboard. Follow the steps below.

Step 1

Login with your University password and student ID (same details you use for Engage)

New students might experience difficulty logging in. Email

Step 2

Find the list of sports and societies and choose what you would like to join

Step 3

Click 'Add to Basket' and then go to your basket at the top of the page to complete the process



If you are experiencing difficulty, we are here to help. The first thing to double check is to make sure you are logging in by clicking the big red box with 'Student Login', which will take to a page that looks identical to your Engage Login page. If you cannot login, please contact us immediately.

Contact us by emailing