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How to run an event

At UWSU we want to support our students in running their own events as best we can. Whether you’re looking to hold a committee meeting, or throw the biggest party London has ever seen, we’re here to support you. Below you can find a breakdown of all the types of bookings you can make and some info about the processes behind each booking and the link to our one stop shop booking form. Please note, we only accept bookings from our affiliated groups; sports teams, media groups and societies.  


See booking form here



Room Bookings

If you’re looking to find a room on any of your campuses for your team or society this is the section for you. If you want to hold a committee meeting, a movie night or you have an external speaker coming in, all you need to do it select ‘room’ on our booking form. These tend to be student led events, ran for student experience not to make money, or society gatherings. The below link will take you to our booking form where you can give us all the information about your booking so we can make sure to book you a room that fits your needs. All room bookings will go through the society's coordinator. Room bookings may take up to 5 working days to be approved. Room bookings containing external speakers must be submitted 15 working days in advance. Your room booking has not been confirmed until you receive a confirmation email from the Union Assistant.  



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Officer Campaigns

We have an amazing group of full time and part time sabbatical officers representing you here at UWSU. If you are one of these officers and you are running a campaign, we require an initial meeting a minimum of 2 months in advance with our Student Voice and Democracy Coordinator. If you haven’t already, drop her an email to to arrange this meeting. We do limit officers to 3 events in the space of a month as we really emphasize quality over quantity! While we are here to support you to run the best event you can, we are here to help you, not run them for you. Even as officers all the regular room booking limitations apply to your events, this includes external speakers, guest limitations and room booking times.  

When proposing your events to the Events Coordinator and the Student Voice and Democracy Coordinator, make sure to bring your initial concept including the planned cost, know your budget, the audience your events are catering to and the purpose of the events. This might sound like a lot, but you will already have done this as part of your project plan, so you just need to bring this information with you!  

Once your events have been proposed, the dates will be checked, relevant team members will be alerted and we will then reach out to you to confirm your events and let you know if any alterations are required. You will then be required to fill out the online form and fill out a form per event. You will then receive confirmation of your room bookings and from there you are free to go ahead with planning the rest of your event. You’ll then be sent an operations plan to use, this does not need to be checked by anyone, it's just your own personal guide to help you along with your event. We will book in regular meeting with you during the lead up to your events, just to make sure everything is on track and to support you along the way. 

If sufficient work has not been put into the event and promotion has not been done, we reserve the right to cancel your event. 



Follow this form to fill out your events


Student led events can range between small group settings for the society members only, for this you may require simply a room booking and to fill out a food and beverage disclaimer if you are looking to provide refreshments. However, this could range all the way up to a formal event which is open to all students and external guests that require a room set up, microphones, external speakers and refreshments.  

If you’re looking to host a bigger scale or fundraising event, then you need our event form. Once you’ve filled this out our team will reach out to you to help you plan your event.   

Events where external guests will be in attendance are limited to 30 external guests whose names must be submitted 24 hours before the event. The external speaker process applies to any external person who come in to give a speech or lead a class in anyway. If your speaker is an internal student or member of university staff, they do not need to go through the external speaker process.  

Through the online form, you will complete both the room booking, external speaker information and any AV requests. The societies or events coordinator will reach out to you to support if your event is of the size that needs it.  

If your event is on a bigger scale and you feel you want some extra support, or you’re planning on using one of our bar spaces, then head straight to the events section of our booking form.  

This will generally be for events that are ran to make money and are for 100 + students. If this sounds like it’s the form you need, follow the link below, select events and get going!  


Follow this form to plan your event

Events in our spaces

We have three commercial space here at UWSU where you can run your own events. We have The Undercroft, our bar, The Loft, our club space and The Hideaway, our brand new café-bar space! We provide students with the opportunity to run events in our commercial spaces this can range from small events during the day to running a fundraiser showcasing the musical talents of students. If you wish to hold an event in one of our commercial spaces, we require an event form to be completed a minimum of 1 month in advance. All regular room booking limitations apply to your events, i.e. external speaker process, guest limitations and room booking times. Before an event is finalized you will be required to meet with the Events Coordinator to go over your event ideas and sign the code of conduct for running an events. 

We are here to support your events but not to run them for you, you must ensure you have a big enough team to run the size of event you want to hold and you must be there on the day of your event. 

You must assign one person the event project lead who can liaise with our staff and provide all the relevant information.  

You are not permitted to bring in your own food or drink to be sold at an event in one our outlets, you do have the option to pre buy food and drink from our outlet or have the bar open as usual. 

If sufficient work has not been put into the event and promotion has not been done, we reserve the right to cancel your event. 

You are required to sell and promote tickets for your event, you must supply the SU with artwork a minimum of 3 weeks before your event date so this can be promoted and tickets to your events must be sold through our website.  


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