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Page:How Can We Help Your Employability

How Can We Help Your Employability


Engage is the University portal for services that will link you to full-time, part-time, internships and volunteering opportunities during your studies. It is also a place for you to track your personal development, with support and advice from the University Careers team to help with your student journey and the next steps after you graduate. 

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Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

The HEAR is a formal degree transcript that lists a full record of your university achievements, both academic and extra-curricular learning and experience. All students will all automatically have a HEAR, but it’s up to you to add as many experiences and achievements, so why not join a student group and become a committee member? 

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Westminster Employability Award

This is an employability achievement award supporting your career development and formally recognising the extra-curricular activities you complete during your time at Westminster. It is designed to help you gain experience and develop key skills that employers want you to have. Find out more about yourself, explore different options, gain more experience and get job-ready by completing the Award.

You can sign up at any time but register as early as possible through Engage to gain as many points as possible! 


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Mentor Programme

The University of Westminster Mentoring scheme connects students with professionals for a mentoring partnership. As a facilitator of personal and professional growth, our mentors can help you to succeed by enhancing your employability through confidence building, networking and developing key employability skills. With the help of a mentor as a role model, you can build a solid foundation of skills to launch a variety of successful careers. 

Once you have completed the Mentoring scheme you will be awarded with a certificate. 

Click here to find out where Mentoring can lead you.

Friends of Arriving New Students

The FANS scheme is a joint scheme with the University of Westminster and the Students Union. The reason we have FANS is to give our new undergraduate students a personal welcome during their orientation and to ensure that our new students have the best possible start to their university life. FANS settle out students in and act as their first point of contact.  

FANS are great to talk with; they answer questions and give great tips and hints. FANS don’t just talk to their students however, they also show students a variety of things about the university, the course and London life, all this helps make our students feel at ease and part of our community. Current students have experience and understanding like no one else in what new students are feeling therefore it is so important current students (like yourself) play a role in their welcome.  

Every year current students from all campuses and courses are recruited to become Friends of Arriving New students. FANS are allocated a group of new undergraduates who they guide for the first 2 weeks. FANS are fully trained in August and September to ensure they have all the right skills and knowledge to help as best as possible.


Become FANS:

If you are a current student and like the idea of becoming one of our Friends of Arriving New Students (FANS) then read on… 

Becoming one of the FANS will give you some great experience that can benefit you in many ways, here are some of the things you will get for taking on the role:  

- A cash reward on successful completion 

- 2 days training in key transferable skills (Skills which employees look for) 

- Team work and Leadership skills 

- Recognised on your HEAR 

- Employability Award Points 

- Networking opportunities

- Making New Friendships and heighten your university experience  

You’ll also get to have lots of fun!  

If you are selected as one of our FANS you will: 

- Look after a group of new first year students during orientation 

- Take students on campus and library tours 

- Show students Blackboard 

- Show students the local area and parts of London 

- Help students plan any social activities 

- Make sure students attend all relevant course and academic sessions 

- Signpost and give advice / tips to help them through their year  

To REGISTER your INTEREST in FANS please sign up by FRIDAY 10th APRIL 2020 through the following application link:


If you have any questions, please contact Nima Takodra on GreatStart@westminster.ac.uk