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Landlord and Letting Agent Issues

"In 2019, NUS conducted a Homes Fit for Study survey which showed just how poor the conditions of some student housing are, and the impact this had on student wellbeing. 42 per cent of the students who responded say they had damp or mould growing on their walls and ceilings. 1 in 5 students share their homes with mice, rats, slugs or other pests. 16 per cent of students reported electric hazards in their home, and a further 9 per cent reported an issue with gas safety. None of these are acceptable."

Your landlord or accommodation provider is responsible for making sure your property is fit to live in. If the problem with the property is serious, they need to make sure repairs are carried out quickly. 

We suggest keeping in contact with the landlord asking for updates and taking pictures of any damage to the property. Make sure that all requests for repairs are made in writing. If the repairs still aren’t carried out, you may be able to submit a complaint.