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Council Tax

Full time students are usually exempt from having to pay council tax or receive a discount, but part-time students may be required to pay. 

Here is a short summary on some of the rules: 

► If everyone in your house is a full-time student, you will not have to pay council tax. 

► If everyone in your house is a full-time student except ONE person, you may receive a 25% discount on your council tax. 

► If everyone in your house are not full-time students, and you are the ONLY full-time student, there will be no discount. However, the council won’t ask the full-time student to pay if any payments are missed. 

If you live in student halls, the halls provider will sort this out for you. Nevertheless, its worth checking if you’re unsure.

If you live in other accommodation and would like to receive your exemption or discount, or confirm where or not you’re eligible, you should contact your local council directly. They will usually ask you for your enrolment letter and information about the other adults living at the address. You can find what council you are in, you can use the government website.


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