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Healthy Eating

Due to the busy nature of being at University, it can be easy to slip into a routine of unhealthy eating and poor preparation when it comes to food and drink. Food is the fuel that keeps our bodies going, and a poor diet can affect many aspects of your life, particularly your studies and mental health. It is important that you don’t discard healthy eating for the ease of ordering a takeaway.  

There are some easy practices to ensure that you don’t slide into a routine where your diet is an afterthought, and it might also save you a few £££'s as well! The first thing, I would say, that is really important to making sure that you have a healthy diet is planning. If you don’t start thinking about your meals until the day you plan to eat them then you often will feel like something “quick and easy” is the way to go. However, if you have planned your meals for the week and have bought the food accordingly this will motivate you to have those meals you’ve been looking forward to cooking. This obviously relies on you having meals to cook, if you are not used to cooking or struggling to come up with ideas then the internet is the obvious place to go, I would recommend the BBC Good Food Website for everything from Avocado toast to Full Roast dinners. 

The second way to ensure that you are continuing with a healthy diet, and this will save you money, is by ensuring that you are prepared. This can be by preparing your packed lunches at the start of the week, or making sure you have dinner prepared if you’re going to be late home from a lecture, society event or sports club. If you prepare lunches to last the week on a quiet Sunday afternoon instead of buying them not only is the food likely to be better for you but you could save that £3 you spend on a meal deal! Again, BBC Good Food has great cost effective options for long term meal prep. 

Just by having a little bit of foresight will mean that your overall diet will be so much healthier, we aren’t saying don’t enjoy your food, just make sure that you are getting the right things into your body to make you the best possible you that you can be.