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Feminist Law Society

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What does your Student Group do?

As an affiliate of Feminist Law Society, our aims are in line with theirs:

  • To examine the law and legal profession through a feminist lens.
  • To educate ourselves and others on how to incorporate equal practice into study, research, legal work, and everyday life.
  • To provide others with the tools to recognise, address, and understand the realities of inequality.
  • To create and use resources that are inclusive of diverse learning styles and needs.
Why should i join your student group?

We are a highly motivated team, driven by the desire to deliver on our aims.  


We enjoy every aspect of what we do and we are always thinking of how best to provide for our members.  


Our members are integral to the whole process because we are inspired by like-minded individuals who also believe that, together, we can effect change through accessible and inclusive educational resources.  


While we aim to make feminist law resources publicly freely available wherever possible, to ensure that we remain inclusive of those who cannot afford the membership fee, we always ensure that our members have access to a lot of free, exclusive, member only content.  


For example, members will get free tickets to our upcoming 2020 online panel: Honour Crime and Legal Practice, and members will also have exclusive access to a select number of lectures from our upcoming online Feminist Law Lecture Program through their member only viewing space.   

Where do you meet/train and on what days?

We hold our committee meetings every week because we always ensure that we are working on something for our members to enjoy and benefit from.

What is the best thing about student group?

The range of accessible educational resources that we produce. From the Feminist Law Society Virtual Bookshelf, to the Feminist Law Lecture Programmes, to even our accessible newsletters for members.

We pride ourselves on accessibility because diversifying the field of law is crucial in making it reflective of the society it serves. Education goes to the heart of ensuring that we all continue to progress toward equality in everyday life, within legal frameworks and throughout practice.

Do you have any accreditations, awards or highlights to mention?

Our founder and current president has incorporated Feminist Law Society to continue to create and produce accessible educational feminist law resources beyond law school and throughout practice.

She has created a space on the website for university Feminist Law Societies everywhere to create a network and for them to each have a platform for the work that they do.