• Dance


Whatever your dance background is (or is not -yet!!!), we got you! 
With strong focus on strength, skills, flexibility, technique and creativity, we predominantly work on Contemporary, Street Dance, Jazz/Lyrical Jazz dance styles, while also offering workshops in many more styles (e.g. Latin & Ballroom).

We do encourage our students from all levels to choreograph, both for our Workshops and Competitions/Shows, to help them build confidence, refine their moves and explore their capabilities.

We aim to compete at least once during the year, whilst also participating in events organised by our own university societies/teams and external events too! 
The Dance Team is above all a family: we stand up for and support each other, we help each other progress, and we do NOT tolerate bullying of any form (we have a choreography dedicated to that too ;) ). 

Join the family - just drop us an email and/or join our facebook group. #daretotakethelead