• Bokxing


The University of Westminster Boxing club is a well disciplined boxing club, whilst being a social environment at the same time. Our aim is to welcome all people with different abilities in boxing to the club to help them increase their fitness level and send them out to compete if they wish to do so. This boxing club will have a community feeling within it, so you will get to make new friends with your fellow team mates, and go out to compete together to come back victorious.

Boxing is a sport that will teach you a lot of discipline, self defence, and will build up your confidence in all aspects of life. We look forward to having you guys join us in the coming season, and please drop us an email or DM on Instagram for any enquiries. 

Training - Tuesday and Thursdays 6:30pm at Hammersmith College,9 Gliddon Rd, Hammersmith, London W14 9BL.