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The Benefits of Sport & Exercise

The Sports Development Coordinator at the University of Westminster Students’ Union it is my job to facilitate as many of you playing sport and exercising as possible.  You may be asking yourself why the Students’ Union is investing in this path and what possible benefits it has to you? I hope that you find this blog useful in explaining the great things sport and exercise can give you, and I hope that it may inspire and motivate you to get involved in whatever exercise may pique your interest! 

The first, and perhaps most important, reason for donning your trainers or boots for some exercise is purely that it makes you feel good! Have you ever heard of endorphins? Endorphins are a chemical in your body which get released when you exercise. Endorphins provide your body with a euphoric feeling. Every time you exercise you get this release which has many powerful benefits. It is widely recognised that when you exercise regularly you are less stressed, happier and more positive about life. The New York Times released an article in 2018 which stated how as little as 10 minutes exercise a day will make you happier and more cheerful.[1]So you don’t have to be the next David Beckham to benefit from sport, whether it’s a short walk in the park of a friendly game of football, sport will make you happier!

The Second reason why sport is one of the best things you can do is because of the sense of community that you get from it. I understand that team sports aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but even individual sports bring a sense of belonging that is not replicated anywhere else. The benefits of team sports are obvious once you join them, if you play football or rugby then as soon as you set foot in a training session or game you have made 11 or 15 friends! The bond that team sports create is so powerful that so often sports people make friends for life from their teams. If you aren’t the kind of person who naturally gravitates to team sports but would rather go for a run or walk you will be surrounded by like-minded people all who are likely to wish you “good morning” or give you a friendly head nod. Sport is one big community and no matter how much or little you do, there is always someone who is doing the same and wants to share those experiences with you.  

The final reason I want to encourage you to exercise is to keep your body healthy, we only get one body in life so it is imperative that we look after it as much as possible so that we can continue to live happy, pain free and problem free lives. Exercise is one key part in keeping our bodies healthy and we should all be motivated by a desire to maintain a level of fitness with which we can live or lives to the full! 

Whether it be a walk in regents park or turning out in Black and Yellow for the Dragons, I can’t wait to see you all getting out, exercising and making your lives just that little bit better!