Quantum Biology, Healing & Imaging of the Vital Force


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Quantum Biology, Healing & Imaging of the Vital Force

Fri 07 June 2019 17:00-19:00

4.106, Cavendish Campus

Quantum Biology, Healing & Imaging of the Vital Force

This workshop will include:

  • What is Quantum Biology & how it dovetails into the metaphysical knowledge that underlies the Western herbal tradition?
  • We will look at how the VF has been alluded to in Art and then explain Kirlian photography and show how it gives further fascinating insights into the subtle realm.
  • It will draw from Dr Robert Moon's insights into the structure of the atom, with the arrangement of protons in the nucleus being structured in accordance with Plato's geometric solids, which in turn confers each atom's chemical properties
  • Explore how these shapes form a bridge between consciousness and the physical world.
  • The talk will conclude with a demonstration of the NES (Nutri Energetic System), showing the information that can be gleaned from the electromagnetic field that surrounds the physical body.

About Dylan Warren-Davis:

As the son of a medical herbalist, Dylan has been exposed to the healing qualities of herbs since early adolescence. He has spent over 30 years researching, teaching and writing about the metaphysical basis of the European herbal tradition. Parallel to his herbal work, Dylan is also a very experienced hand reader. In 1990 his book The Hand Reveals, a complete guide to the European Cheiromantical Tradition, was published. He was also invited to contribute to the Oxford Companion to the Body, a section on Palmistry, published by Oxford University Press.